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Pacifiers … Advantage or harm?

Young parents and grandmothers often argue with grandfathers among themselves whether it is worth giving to the newborn child a pacifier. At that and others the powerful arguments. And at grandmothers and grandfathers also life experience behind shoulders.

Let`s try to weigh all pros and cons of pacifiers impartially. Whether really they are useful? Or harm several times exceeds the existing advantage?

The child is born with a sosatelny reflex. Different children have a degree of development of this reflex different too. But if to observe the tiny newborn, then it is possible to notice that even when he is full and fed, all the same continues to make the sosatelny movements by the sponges and a mouth. Many parents perceive it as the first signal that the pacifier is necessary for the child. Others for the first time apply a baby`s dummy when the child cries and him it is impossible to calm. The beginning of friendship with a pacifier at all a miscellaneous. But here result one for all. The Sosatelny movements rasslablyayushche affect the child, he calms down and falls asleep.

Now the sosatelny reflex works at young parents. At any opportunity in order that child to calm, distract, to put to bed quicker they begin to use a pacifier.

The little babies who are constantly holding a pacifier in a mouth elementary are tired to suck it, and it leads to decrease in a sosatelny reflex in general. The child wants to eat, however he was tired. Mother is perplexed why the child refuses milk, and the poor child would like this milk, but was tired to suck.

Also in process when the kid sucks a baby`s dummy, he involuntarily swallows also small portions of air the small mouth. Later it can be shown in unclear otrygivaniye, tummy swelling, intestinal gripes. The child cries, parents are perplexed and to calm the baby, offer him a pacifier. Peculiar vicious circle.

Children`s stomatologists surely declare that the pacifier is capable to spoil a bite at the child and to deform still plainly not created children`s teeth. If and to use a pacifier, then only with a special bite. From it harm for children`s teeth will be less.

A baby`s dummy and hygiene - things, generally, incompatible. It is difficult to present how many time for day of a nipple falls on a floor how many times it concerns different surfaces how many dust and microbes accumulates on it. And all this goes from parental blessing to a mouth of the kid. And a manner of adult parents to mechanically lick a pacifier before to give it to the child - humane sharing by microbes, streptococci and stafilokokka of a mouth. Cases for pacifiers reduce risk of pollution a little, however do not guarantee full sterility. And then the loving parents are surprised and guess where their beloved child could catch worms and many unpleasant diseases.

Besides these physical manifestations of harm, the harmless, at first sight, pacifier has also a psychological harm. Encouragement of a sosatelny reflex at the small child slows down his mental development. There is a regularity between domination of a sosatelny reflex and decrease in physical activity at the child. Besides the child begins to make sounds later and to speak. It speaks elementary simply - its small mouth is busy with a pacifier and there is no need to learn the world.

As for psychological dependence on a pacifier at the small child, it is the most true dependence. The child cannot calm down and fall asleep without pacifier, cries and is capricious, has peculiar withdrawal pains and the real psychological stress. The young parents who once suggested to the child to try, what is a baby`s dummy, need to be ready to the fact that so just the child will not leave “girlfriend“. Methods are handed down as to carry out this procedure more without serious consequences - and a pacifier tip gradually to cut and to dip it in something harmless, but tasteless, and to arrange rituals of ejection in garbage or burnings. There is a lot of ways. Everyone they has different. But the child usually hard and long endures this parting.

Generally, in use of a baby`s dummy there are more minuses for the child, than it is plus. However put this especially personal. If all of you - give to the kid a baby`s dummy, take care, at least of that it was with a bite and from qualitative and harmless raw materials. Regularly you boil it and you watch purity of its surface.

And it is necessary to leave it the earlier, the better. You will be just surprised what jump in development will be made by your kid after that.