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How to make that the wedding sang and danced.

Hello, dear readers of the blog.

In article I will talk to you about the course of holding a wedding and I will give to you several advice in order that your wedding sang and danced.

The wedding is the celebration demanding long preparation. And how the hall and a table bursting with various brands of alcohol and numerous types of snack was decorated, fun at a wedding depends on the scenario of holding a wedding and mood conducting course of a wedding and the guests invited to a celebration.

You can object me that at a wedding guests, having drunk alcohol, are liberated also become cheerful. I will answer you that there is such category of guests who come to a wedding not only to congratulate newlyweds and to drink and have a snack for that sum of money which they spent for a gift
young and then sit at a table and watch how others have fun. Such category of guests meets very seldom, but all of them are.
A in order that at a wedding was not idly missing guests, conducting weddings it is necessary to involve, in carrying out games, polls, and competitions there is as much as possible to people, having captured almost all guests during a holiday.
Today, when holding a wedding, many duties of leaders of a celebration, and it, as a rule, were the witness and the witness earlier, transfer to shoulders of the host. But as if she tried, she will not be able to outvoice talk and an exchange of impressions of the guests sitting at a table in any way. Therefore the witness and the witness have to be active assistants to the leading holiday.
But happen cases when witnesses shy and are lost at the sight of a great number of guests. Then assistants for the host are elected from guests. At each wedding there will be people ready to help the host with holding a festive celebration.

In conclusion I want to tell that in order that the wedding sang and danced, each guest whatever he was on character has to become soul of the company, support conducting weddings
and participate in all competitions. And only then your wedding will take place surprisingly cheerfully, and you will not see at it neither the drunk, nor gloomy missing guests.
A such weddings are remembered for many years.

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