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As our health care cares about health of Russians.

Hello, dear reader.

In the new article I want to talk to you about today`s medicine and as our health care cares about health of residents of Russia. But I not in the right to argue on medicine
on the scale of all our country, and will give to you several examples about medical care
in the small regional city which is near Moscow.

For health reasons I often should ask in our policlinic for medical care. And that I see full corridors of the people expecting an appointment there. For now you stay
in turn and you will get to the doctor, you will even worse get sick. what
A the age qualification at doctors who treat us. Once I talked to the deputy chief physician and here that she told me: - And that you want, young doctors to our policlinic do not go on such small salary also the youngest doctor of policlinic it I, and to me there will be 42
soon. Conversation happened three years ago. Then that it is possible to speak about new methods of treatment, about new medicines and many other. The truth is said about what at advanced age is already difficult for what be to teach. Here also there takes place our treatment by old antiquated methods. Or here what I heard from the doctor on reception: - You studied the illness better me, here itself and be treated and if the sick-list is necessary come and I will give him to you. There is the following example.
twisted Me so that I from pain on a floor rode and not one tablets did not help. The wife, having come from work, began to call the ambulance. At poll of the registrar: - What hurts? The wife answered: - Back. And here what reply of registrar she heard: - Do not die Of it. All cars on departure. Wait in an hour. And then hung up. The ambulance arrived through an hour and a half. I a day before that was worn out that at me and pressure increased. They measured pressure, made the cardiogram, gave an injection to reduce pressure. I speak to the doctor: - You give the anesthetizing injection that the back did not hurt? And it to me in reply: - We have one analginum, and it will not help you. I speak to it: - The Wife is not able to give injections. On a table the box of
with ampoules « lies; » orthohair dryer; give an injection.
I here only after a prick, and departure of the ambulance, became easier for me, and I right there fell asleep. And one more moment of work of service of ambulance. The next morning I told the neighbor about arrival of the ambulance,
and it me and speaks: - I when to myself call the ambulance, I reduce the age for ten years and if you tell that to you already for 60, then can not arrive at all or will arrive as to you in two hours, and during this time you already can to kick the bucket . still I want to tell
I to you about one case of the attitude of physicians towards pensioners.
Was I in hospital, and then, as well as now, with medicines was hardly, bought all
from pricks, droppers and to syringes, brought to us to office the old woman and put it in a corridor. The attending physician examined it and wrote out appointment. There passed only three days. Roofing felts the grandmother had no relatives, roofing felts she had no money, for purchase of droppers and pricks, but it had no drugs
. And there are no times drugs, and there is nothing to do to you in a hospital go to be treated home. And wrote out old, to nobody the necessary woman. And you say that at us the state shows care of old men. Only at the highest levels still there is a free medical care in the clinics with the newest methods of treatment, with the new equipment
and devices. And on simple citizens of pensioners to the management of health care that city that nationally to spit. Rather you would cease to exist on white
light. As it is possible to express a little differently: - The Moor made the business, the Moor can die! Here such attitude towards pensioners on the scale of one city, probably, can be transferred to the scale of all our country and it is the truth, and you will not be mistaken.

In conclusion of the article I want to ask you: - When treat pensioners
properly? When for us free drugs in drugstores appear? The new
sheets and blankets in hospitals, apart from medicines and medical tools? When we pensioners are considered for people? Everyone when - be, in the future will become the pensioner and such relation which is suffered by us pensioners of our days will be unpleasant to him too.