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How to look after in the summer skin? “From a face water not to drink

…“ the known Russian saying says. However, it is difficult to present perfect beauty or pleasant appeal without elementary healthy type of skin on our face. Those who consider that if the winter was wintered with its frosts, winds and cold, then now it is not necessary to look after skin of our lovely face are mistaken. During the summer period of time skin on our face demands special attention. To neglect process of care of it - expect emergence of the first wrinkles by fall.
dreams Of healthy, elastic, velvet skin each woman. Even what is granted to us by the mother - the nature at the wrong leaving can not please us at all, and afflict. Therefore we will talk about how to look after our skin during the summer period of time.
Main summer “enemies“ for our skin are the summer sun, dust and dirt. Sunshine lead to the fact that photoageing processes begin to happen to our person, there is a feeling of dryness, tightness, wrinkles appear. Dust and dirt hammers a time of our person, leads to formation of different rashes, and then it is difficult to call our face lovely and attractive. Foundations and powders only aggravate unpleasant effects instead of to hide them.
Therefore care of skin of our person in summertime needs to be begun with fight against our summer enemies. It is possible to win against dust and dirt daily, morning and evening deep clarification of skin by means of a cosmetic milk, gels for washing of srubs for more gluby clarification of face skin. To seize a skin mikrotserkulyation, to give it a healthy look and elasticity, not superfluous will be to indulge the person with wiping by ice cubes. Ice cubes can be made both of ordinary water, and of grass infusion. You should not forget also about our swan neck and about a zone of a decollete which are capable to give out not only our age, but also to fix delighted looks.
In summertime of year when everything suffers from thirst, skin of our person to that not an exception around. It is necessary will take care about moistening of skin, differently the aging processes intensified by sun beams will progress. It is possible to use the moisturizing creams, gels and the special moisturizing sprays for a face for moistening.
Besides external procedures for care of skin of our person, it is necessary to take care of internal maintenance of all our procedures. The strengthened healthy food, reception of vitamins of group C, A, PP will be added by your efforts on external procedures for care of skin.
If you the owner of sensitive and dry skin, during the summer period not obkhodimo to arrange the sparing mode for face skin. To carry out washings not by ordinary water, but grass broths. To protect face skin special protective creams and if necessary cosmetic powder. For additional moistening it is possible to sprinkle skin sprays on the basis of grass infusions.
If you the owner of skin of the fat and mixed types, skin of your person needs the additional refreshing procedures. But just you do not hurry to wash a face cold water. It you will achieve only short-term effect of freshness and purity. For washing it is also best of all to use grass infusions, it is possible to wipe a face with tea solution. It is better to apply creams on a little more moist skin. It is possible to try also clearing procedures with use of fresh juice. No more than 30 percent are better to choose the toning lotions with the content of alcohol, however. And on a face it is better to wipe sweat not usual fabric handkerchiefs, but tissues to avoid additional reddening and irritation of face skin. Sometimes excessive perspiration of the person and a greasy luster also ourselves can provoke
, excessive overlaying of cream to the person, or use of night cream for the person instead of day and vice versa.
to Owners of fat type of skin or mixed, in summertime it is worth forgetting about use of cosmetic powder categorically.
in the Summer when around the true abundance of natural fruit, besides to indulge the organism reception by fruit inside, it is possible to indulge also skin of the person with the real, natural, fruit masks.
Beauty of skin of our person in summertime demands not the victims, but careful leaving.