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How it is correct to choose the weapon safe?

... The civil and office weapon has to be stored in the conditions ensuring its safety, safety of storage and excluding access for strangers to it. Requirements to storage conditions of different types of the civil and office weapon and cartridges to it are defined by the Government of the Russian Federation.

(Law on the weapon. Art. 22. Storage of the civil and office weapon and cartridges to it)

the Weapon presently not that a thing necessary, but more and more desirable, and for absolutely various categories of citizens. However before buying the weapon, it is necessary to receive in the license for its acquisition. And before its receiving it is necessary to receive at the local district police officer the official report about existence of the place weapon equipped for storage. And before it to pass examinations. And before it …

Let`s stop nevertheless on article subject. “Safe (English. safe, literally - safe, safe, reliable) - a steel fireproof box or a case for storage of documents, money and material values“. (The big Soviet encyclopedia)

, it seems, what here to think? You go to shop and you buy … However a devil, as they say, in trifles.

Decide what weapon you will buy, and precisely determine its sizes . The question is in general not idle. My first gun did not get into the safe just on dimensions. On some 2 centimeters!! It was necessary to change quickly the safe with surcharge, the benefit, an opportunity such was. But in our country though it is directly not stated in the law, officials from OLRR (department it is license - allowing work) demand to attach safes to a wall at least on 3 bolts. That is the safe often “spoils“ still before put the first weapon in it. Always it is possible to look at the sizes of the chosen weapon on the website.

Also the multidistrict the safe is important . Think whether you in the future will buy still the weapon. If yes, that what. For example, the safe on three “oruzhiyemest“ costs (with other things being equal) much cheaper, than two single safes.

Think where to place the safe. In modern small-sized apartments the question of the geometrical sizes can be critical. And it is better “to disguise“ a weapon case, having placed it not on a look and where - nibud in a secluded corner. Well, that was not evident to “uninvited guests“.

The department for ammunition is necessary locked . Though in the law it is told only that the weapon and ammunition have to be stored separately, is better take the safe with the locked compartment for ammunition. Though there are models of weapon cases simply with a separate shelf or in general without that. Of course, if you are able to afford the separate safe for ammunition, it is possible not to pay attention to this section.

If there is no money at all or very non-standard weapon case is necessary, then it is possible to make also the self-made place for storage of the weapon. Though under the law of the requirement do not differ, but to be reinsured nevertheless will be much cheaper and quieter.

“The weapons and cartridges belonging to citizens of the Russian Federation have to be stored in the place of their accommodation with observance of the conditions ensuring their safety, safety of storage and excluding access to them for strangers in the locked safes or metal cases, boxes from high-strength materials or in the wooden boxes upholstered with iron. Law-enforcement bodies at the place of residence of owners have the right to check storage conditions of the weapon registered by them.

Storage of the weapon and cartridges by citizens of the Russian Federation in places of temporary stay has to be carried out with observance of the conditions excluding access to the weapon of strangers“.
(The resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation from 21. 07. 1998 N 814)

Therefore, it is possible to store the weapon even in a wooden box with an iron upholstery. Thickness of a metal leaf in this case does not matter, the requirement “thickness of sidewalls of storage has to be not less than 3 mm“ works only for legal entities. The self-made metal locked box too without problems will execute a role of the weapon safe.

As a last resort to obtain the license for purchase of the weapon, it is possible “to borrow“ from someone the safe for couple of days to show to the district police officer. But it is necessary to buy the all the same. And the license, especially the first, becomes usually calendar month.

The special attention to the place of storage of the weapon needs to be paid if you are going to collect it. In this case it is better to visit at first local OLRR and to specify requirements.

And still the remark for owners pneumatic the weapon in caliber of 4,5 mm with dulny energy to 7,5 joules. Permissions to such weapon in the Ministry of Internal Affairs do not need to be received, and the safe is optional to its storage too. And still … I, for example, store all the pneumatic weapon (5 various trunks) in the safe. Also lie in one place, and the probability to fall into others (for example, nurseries) hands is minimum.

And still it would be desirable to remind … Buying the weapon (any: fire, gas, traumatic etc.), the person undertakes huge responsibility. “The negligent storage of firearms which created conditions for its use by other person if it entailed heavy consequences, - is punished by restriction of freedom for a period of up to two years, or arrest for a period of up to six months, or imprisonment for a period of up to one year“. (Criminal code of Russian Federation. Article 224)

Please, remember it!