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Heels or flat sole?

in the Summer, in hot days, at the real woman of fashion under each sundress, a dress or shorts will be the set of footwear. Here and barefoot persons on hairpins, and barefoot persons on platforms, bedroom-slippers, flats, sandals on a flat sole. The hot season gives us, to women, an opportunity poshchegolyat in beautiful footwear and to boast of beauty of the legs.

The summer footwear, easy, graceful, original in the registration as any another, is capable to add the general composition of a summer dress and to emphasize female beauty.

That footwear on heels and hairpins is not absolutely safe for health, it was written and told already repeatedly. What is only cost by dry figures of statistics that each 2 centimeters of a heel, besides beauty, increase pressure upon fingers by a quarter standing and promote development and progressing of various diseases. Our favourite heels raise load of the cross arch of foot that leads to its deformation over time. And because the heel is on high rise, small sheaves and joints are displaced. Lovers and professionals of carrying hairpins and heels are inevitably expected in the future by arthrosis and varicosity, shift of vertebral disks.

And the myth that gait of the girl on heels very sexual and womanly - long ago it is dispelled. Many girls high-heeled pace not from a hip, and as if with halfbent knees. Sexual and womanly in such gait it is not enough, and here - it is enough harm to health from high heels.

Therefore for everyday life and a usual day distance in kilometers it is better not to choose footwear high-heeled and hairpins. To leave better than it for solemn, romantic occasions and to carry no more than 4 hours in a row.

However you should not rush from one extreme to the other and to refuse a heel in general, passing to carrying footwear on a flat sole . It appears, on the last researches in the field of health and medicine, it is not so harmless as it seemed to us before. The flat sole of footwear and lack of heels are capable to do not smaller harm to our backbone, than high heels and hairpins.

The excessive attention and love to such convenient sandals, summer bedroom-slippers, flats, according to doctors, can provoke and aggravate diseases of legs which are shown in unpleasant joint pains, pain in a back, deformation of a backbone and arthritises.

Quite logical question - from where so much harm and why will undertake arises?

Feet of our legs have the arch (arch) by means of which legs spring when walking. If we abuse and too we are fond of walking in footwear with a flat sole, foot is deformed and becomes flat, the arch (arch) of foot pererastyagivatsya without further restoration, blood circulation in vessels of legs is broken. Our proud bearing is broken, the breast sinks down, joints inflame over time, and we begin to suffer from severe pains.

Carrying footwear on a flat sole and without heel leads to the fact that our gait changes. From outside it looks as if we shuffle the feet. Reason for that our flat soles. A foot of legs in such footwear are developed inside, sheaves and sinews standing stretch. The first call of the beginning of all these changes - pain in toes, especially in a thumb.

What shoes then to wear? From heels harm, from bedroom-slippers and sandals too harm. Not to go barefoot?

The answer - in golden mean. You should not be fond and give preference only to one type of footwear with heels or completely with a flat sole. Whatever footwear you chose for yourself, it is worth putting in it special orthopedic insoles. Harm from their use will not be any, and here evenly they will help to distribute load of a backbone and feet of legs.

The footwear with a small heel from 2 to 4 centimeters on height and from 2 to 4 centimeters square on the area will become the ideal decision. Everything that above, below, already, more widely, according to experts - orthopedists, does not support the arches of feet in the necessary, optimum and harmless situation any more.

The maximum of stay in footwear on a flat sole, harmless to health is only 2 hours. And here that already for golden mean, in 50 years, on a flat sole in general it is better for whom not to wear shoes.