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Moller Skycar. How much is the Chinese project of creation of “the flying car“?

“Paul Moller gave life on creation of the flying car. Flight is planned for 2012 - y“. Top Gear No. 82 magazine (May, 2012). Yes … Over 40 years (works are conducted since 1973) it is given to favourite business - creation of the flying cars.

The aspiration of the person to fly takes the different forms, from multiton transoceanic jet liners to the flying avtomobilchik which should fly only over the hill, the small river or a banal multikilometer stopper.

It is necessary to tell that the idea to cross a car - and aero vehicles contains already three times century. The Russian engineer Vladimir Valerianovich Tatarinov who proved as the author of several loud inventions stated this idea in far 1906. In 1908 - 1909 it even constructed two prototypes - cars biplanes.

What is characteristic, Americans consider themselves as pioneers in construction of the flying cars though American Glen Curtis (Glenn Curtiss) constructed “autoplan“ (Curtiss Autoplane) in 1916 - m to year, seven years later after emergence of the similar autoplan in Russia. As well as at the Russian inventor, from - for a lack of means the good idea decayed though in 20 - m were a century still surges in interest to samolyotomobilyam.

The second wave was observed before World War II in Germany, and the third began in a decade after World War II when the developed countries finished restoration of the economic structure destroyed by war. So, the American military began experiments with “the flying jeep“ (flying jeeps) at the beginning of 1960 - x. However it was only purely engineering experiment which did not give any, made even small series, vehicles. Then the sad phrase was said: “Time of the mass flying car, probably, will come with the advent of, so to say, anti-gravitational engine“. David Metreveli. The head scientifically - the DM AeroSafe industrial company.

The anti-gravitational engine, unfortunately, was not invented yet. And here time of the flying car, let still not too mass, already comes. And it is no wonder that it is more and more also industrial firms, and scientifically - research institutes, and just the investors trying to earn big money, enter this samolyotomobilny race.

As initiators, as always, Americans act. Them samolyotomobil Terrafugia Transition already received all necessary certificates and in 2012 is started in a mass production. In a nape to Americans Dutches with the vertolyotomobily PAL - V “breathe“, on which developers hope to receive the certificate of the flight validity this 2012

A here on the sum of investments the whole world Chinese who declared an investment in the project of the flying car of 13 billion dollars till 2020 surpassed. And this sum is minimum, it is expected that money will be enclosed in the project more. It is much more.

As always, practical Chinese did not begin to invent the bicycle, and completely bought both a finished product, and technology of its production, let so far and not absolutely brought to mind. The matter is that at the end of 20 - go centuries there was a joint project of NASA and Federal management of aircraft of the USA (FAA) which provided creation of national system from thousands of the small airports of new generation of small, safe and inexpensive planes. The project safely died, but developments - that remained.

Paul Moller, the creator of such light plane with function of the car was one of the most famous propagandists of the project. The main idea voiced and embodied in practice by Paul Moller lay on a surface. Why to the person who is going to fly on own plane to other city, to go to airfield on the car, then to fly by plane and to employ in other city of a taxi or to take the car in hire? Whether it is better to leave the garage on a car, in airfield to transform the car to the light plane, and after landing “to turn“ the plane into the car again? Of course, more conveniently. And if the project did not decay if it was succeeded to make an inexpensive, but reliable hybrid of the plane and car if … But the developments stubborn Paul did not throw

, and continued. In its arsenal not only samolyotomobil, but also a double UFO and … the Ferrari car - the real Ferrari car with the built-in system of vertical take-off. Speak, this “Ferrari“ was ordered to it by the Russian oligarch who was zadolbat by the Moscow traffic jams. To order - ordered that, and forgot to redeem...

Constant dropping will wear away a stone. And here the patience and Paul Muller`s efficiency bore to it the first fruits. Moreover and what! Billions of dollars. I will remind, it is supposed to enclose in this project an equivalent 13 - ti billions of American dollars.

Its Skycar project became a basis Chinese, really national, the project of creation of “the flying car“. Models as if descended from screens of the fantastic movie. The model M - 150, the single device with vertical take-off is most similar to the habitual city car. Cruiser speed air makes 539 km/h, flying range - to 725 km. In pure form such autoplane with two jet engines will hardly be able to come out to streets of the Chinese cities with a dense street traffic. But the technical basis of creation of such cars is already fulfilled also creation working, ready to an exit in a mass production, a prototype - business either the next year, or the next years.

And the Chinese authorities with pathos inherent in them called the joint project with Paul Moller and his firm “historical shift in autotechnologies“. I think, so it also will be. With the Chinese scope, money of foreign investors and the Chinese state investments, diligence and low compensation of the Chinese workers which entered sayings.