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How the love destroyed Britain?

mankind History in the current has some gaps which are not containing sufficient scientific information which would indicate the social processes happening at that time in community. Such information failure is history of dark centuries which is still interpreted by different researchers at the level of mythology and various legends.

In the history of Russia data which would bring closer us to the interesting period are, probably, only at “The Novgorod expedition“, long time conducting archaeological researches near Novgorod. The European sources in the largest volume had necessary data on history of dark centuries only at esotericists and masons, it data which narrate about death of the state of Britons.

It is history of Britain of dark centuries united under the power of the king Artur, the creator of the well-known “Round table“ for the knights. But, as it often happens among the former friends, unexpectedly internal war as which reason incorrectness of the wife of the king Artur - the queen Gvinevera served broke out. Which fooled around, on one of versions, with the first knight Lancelot, according to other version - with the king`s nephew Mordred.

At the this case there is a magic, transformations and the frank sorcery created by the sorcerers Merlin and Morgana competing among themselves. Heroes of this history in the life face secret knowledge and mysticism when King Arthur inexplicably received the sword “Eskalibur“ from hands of the fairy of the lake. All life of the king Artur is connected with the island of Avalon, but, nevertheless, it is considered truthful and reliable.

On one of versions, King Arthur fell in love with Gvinevera during war, and subsequently, having ascended to a throne, married it. Gvinevera was Lodegrans`s daughter, the king Kameliard, and marriage was favorable to both parties. According to other version, King Arthur by means of the sorcerer Merlin turned into the gardener and visited in such look Gvinevera in the palace of her father Lodegrans where she also fell in love with the gardener.

Here, probably, the truth is also covered that fortunetelling does not bring to good, and all love spells come to an end sadly for both parties. Customs of that time allowed knights to have the ladylove, and to noble ladies, in turn, to have the knight who considered a duty to be a defender of her honor (often doubtful). Noble ladies could manipulate feelings of the defender in the mercenary purposes.

Lancelot, one of the closest knights of “A round table“ of the king Artur who traditionally did not pay any attention to relationship of the wife and Lancelot becomes such knight for lady Gvinevera. The love courtois treats illusion of the love relations more (according to Platon), than love carnal (according to Aristotle), and is connected rather with fetishism when the knight carried colors and objects of a toilet of the lady.

However, as always it happens, the relations of the knight and his ladylove developed into something bigger, and all people around began to pay attention to it. By means of “setup“ the queen Gvinevera was slandered and found guilty of death of one of knights for what she was sentenced to burning. But here her paladin ready to battle for the ladylove against the whole world, anywhere and when necessary interfered.

Having attacked guards, Lancelot fought the beloved off royal tribunal and took away it in the lock on the way to which he battled and won a victory over the royal troops sent after them. When King Arthur, having forgiven “change“ of the wife and the knight of a round table, returned back the wife in Camelot, knights tried to compromise Gvinevera before the king Artur once again.

Having waited for the next arrival to Lancelot`s yard, knights, having rushed into Gvinevera`s rooms, tried to record the personal certificate the fact of incorrectness of the queen to the husband king Artur. But Lancelot who was at this time at the queen “grieved“ by this invasion killed all witnesses of drawing an insult to the sovereign. Lancelot again hides Gvinevera from Royal Court and goes to Brittany.

King Arthur in the circumstances was already forced to defend for violation of marital fidelity the honor, having collected a military campaign against the first knight Lancelot. The second war with Lancelot as well as in the first case, does not bring to the king Artur of a victory, and it, having raised a siege because of rumors about treachery of authorized representatives, it was forced to return to Britain.

The nephew of the king Artur knight Mordred left the deputy of Britain, having used current situation, lifts revolt and declares himself the king, having forced Gvinevera to become his wife. King Arthur with army returned back to Britain and in the field of Kamlann battled against Mordred`s army where Mordred died, and Artur was taken away to Avalon. Britain was left without king and without army...

Musically - for a circle of listeners narrow by level of eminence France gave to the European world poetic culture. The knights who came back from a crusade and singing of traditions of courtois love were authors musically - poetic works. This period is connected with a name of the sovereign - the troubadour duke Guillaume IX Acvitansqui whose 11 songs reached our time.

So there were forms written by virtuosos and a verse tales of chivalry and ballads about the king Artur and his knights of “A round table“. The passionate love described in tales of chivalry in which representatives of ruling houses were involved caused catastrophic consequences that lead to destruction of the states and civilizations.

Lancelot who arrived to the help to the king Artur with the troops finds in live only one knight of “A round table“ who sent the king Artur to a final journey to the fantastic island. Lancelot who made the necessary orders connected with government itself goes to the monastery. From this point other, not less mysterious history of the first knight - the monk begins...