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The advice to motorists of

is not present sense all life Now to protect the only car then to descend it to children. It is much more reasonable to sell the supported car and to get new, with small surcharge. To make it as easy as shelling pears, the main thing only to choose a suitable way.
Urgent sale of a car
Is two urgent ways of sale of the old car. The first is offered by car showrooms which work at primary and secondary market, or have the corresponding partners. They suggest to buy at them the new car, having paid only the rest of that sum which will not be covered by sale of your transport. Very conveniently and quickly. Actually arrived to salon on old, and went by the new car. The transaction can be made in 3 - 4 hours, at the same time the administration of salon will help with documents and will give an opportunity to be insured on the place.
the Second urgent way is intended for persons interested to receive money today. Many companies are engaged in buying up of second-hand cars now. Anyone can address them even if his car is more than ten years old, it in very bad technical condition, got into accident. It approaches and to those who just want to sell the car on the spare part.
Anyway, will find for you time and will carry out an assessment for the offer of the price. On the conclusion of the transaction and receiving money about four hours will leave. Often in the advertizing such firms point that they estimate not only shortcomings, but also advantages. It is not so much the truth, how many the advertizing course. Only those who in this business more than 5 - 10 years and they earn not from a big difference, and from a large number of sales give the good price. Such companies will offer from 90% to 95% of repayment of actual cost.
Independent trade
If you consider that you will be able to sell independently the car more expensively, then on a question how to sell the car, you will be answered by the Internet. Begin with the fact that get acquainted with technical characteristics of your car and check existence of necessary documents.
Then needs to bring the goods into an appropriate look and to organize it a photoshoot. It is necessary to remove the car from all foreshortenings, and also to make detailed pictures of salon and the engine so do not forget to bring order and to these parts of the car. Then we choose several thematic websites and attentively we fill fields with technical characteristics and we place a photo. The more such summaries you will leave
in a network, the first potential buyer will call earlier. It is possible to go and some other way. On the same websites surely there have to be sections for buyers. Simply we find the suitable client and we do him the offer.
of Very well potential buyer attracts a possibility of the bargaining. Therefore it is recommended to overstate slightly the price that then to dump it. Such reception always promotes the concluded bargain. Thanks for attention also read my blog.