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How to write the best-seller?

Each writing wish that its works had success in readers. Everyone wants to write something that would delight readers, would force them to think, and even - would change their life. Everyone dreams to write the best-seller. But it turns out only at some.

However there is a number of rules, following to which will allow to make of the book if not the best-seller then very readable thing.

The first what it is necessary to pay attention to the potential author of the best-seller … to is not present, not on the text! On pseudonym ! The name of the author has to intrigue. It has to claim to a descent: this book good because it was written by the true professional! Therefore the pseudonyms causing associations with the famous authors who already proved as authors of best-sellers very well approach. The same principle by which in violent 90 - e years let out sports suits and sneakers with a logo “Adidass“. For example, the pseudonym “Stephen Kong“ very well is suitable for novels of horrors. Fantasts should become thoughtful about a pseudonym it seems “Isaac Aznimov“, authors of detective stories well will suit “Conan Doylz“ or “Agatha Kirsty“.

For uchebno - the popular literature based on biographies of historical characters the pseudonyms which are associated with these characters are desirable (if the national identity, of course, allows). For example, if you write about Tolstoy, then the book will be acquired much more willingly if avtoromy there is any relative of the famous writer. For example, “Leonid Tolstoy“ is the potential grandnephew. And it is not necessary to report about relationship, let the reader himself will make the incorrect assumption. You deceive nobody. The reader is safely deceived.

It is the most difficult if you conceived to write the book with a scientific bias. Here the pseudonym which zhelezobetonno is associated with science is necessary. The foreign surname is desirable - the Russian readers got used not to trust the scientists, for some reason considering that the Russian science is the same profanation, as well as the Russian automotive industry. Therefore the book about physics will be read with great pleasure if her author “Albert Eisenstein“ or “Niels Born“.

It is also necessary to think over the biography a pseudonym. For fiction it is not obligatory, and here for uchebno - popular is vital. For example, you work in business twenty years, but not the oligarch at all. But you have an extensive experience of practical activities, good theoretical base and excellent education in the chosen area. Alas, it is not enough that the reader believed you. With such biography your book will never become the best-seller. But write that you are an author of many popular business - trainings (to specify what, it is not obligatory), and your pupils already earned millions, and even billions - and interest in your book will sharply increase.

Even more jumps up interest in esoteric literature if it is specified in the biography that the author - the practicing sorcerer, the witch doctor, the magician that it has a great number of pupils, the operating school where train magics and even issue the corresponding diploma, and as a result of its actions more than one thousand weddings with the subsequent ideal family life already took place, the infinite number of healthy children was born and the great number of husbands recovered from alcoholism and mistresses.

Our so trustful readers!

After the question with a pseudonym and the biography is solved, it is time to start … is not present, not to writing of the book, and to studying of analogs and prototypes . That is all that was written in this genre, style, a subject (and so on) to you. For studying it is necessary to choose the most popular books, to attentively consider stylistic features of this or that author. It is necessary to try to understand - what attracted readers. Whether the subject is so burning, whether is written very well.

We do not forget about name future book. It has to strike on the spot. For uchebno - popular literature application in the name of numerals is good. For example: “Hundred councils how to become the rich“, “Ten steps to success at women“, “Twenty steps to happy marriage“ and so on. You remember: the reader loves definiteness. Not “if you work hard, then in the future will be able to reach certain heights“, and “realize consistently twenty described actions, and you receive the desirable on a silver platter“. And not only contents of a saucer, but also the number of necessary actions have to be certain.

With fiction it is more difficult. Here it is necessary to strain the imagination. But as a last resort it is possible to go on the way of analogies. For example, the tale of the Chicken of Ryabe is unambiguously popular, so why not to call your children`s book “Chicken of Masya“? Simplest with detectives. The more blood in the name - the better. “The death is stolen in the dark“, “Blood on a carpet“, “A corpse in a bathroom“, “They wanted to live“ and so on.

Now it is possible to think also of contents future book. As a matter of fact, the more it will be similar to already popular options, the better. But consider - the market can already be crowded with imitations this or that best-seller, and will not sustain one more book in similar style. Therefore before to start writing, pay attention to counters of bookstores. You can take an interest in demand for this or that literature also.

But if you decided not just to write the best-seller, but you want to write the book if you want to share something special, intimate with readers, with world around - throw out all these councils in a garbage can. Just you sit down and write. Heart and soul. Let not someone else`s books even if hundred times successful, and your own world will become a source of your inspiration.

And it is unimportant - whether your book will become the best-seller. Eventually, not this main thing. And not it determines book value. The main thing - whether you will be able to inform of own Most important Thought the reader.

And yes the Muse, Madam Udacha and Inspiration will be with you!