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Why it is so important to believe in himself? I often had to see

how people refused the dream, without trusting in own forces, in a possibility of realization of the desires. Someone from them stopped halfway, someone receded at once, even without trying to try. Why does that happen?

All the matter is that many people, unfortunately, lack belief in own forces, self-confidence. Roots of this disbelief often go to the childhood when parents and other adults abused us more often, than praised. So it turns out that people forget the nature, do not remember the mission, reconcile to the fact that they are worthy small and are not capable of anything. But it not so! Understanding of the value

In the nature everything is arranged to

competently, harmoniously and wisely. You where - nibud saw, for example, the tiger doubting himself? He sees the purpose and technically conducts behind it hunting. Does not recede. The person who is considered by evolution top is often trampled down on one place, being content small, not in forces to change something in the life or to take that it is necessary to it. Probably, including unworthy something bigger. And in it very often there is also a true reason of doubts and indecision. In insufficient self-confidence, in a low self-assessment. “None but the brave deserve the fair“ - therefore it is necessary to work.

To any person, before receiving something, it is necessary to realize that he it is worthy. That it can that it is capable of bigger! In each of us there is a certain potential, and we can develop it, we can achieve good results if we trust in own forces. If we are created just like God`s, then we offend by the doubts and we destroy in ourselves this Divine. God can do everything! And when the person begins to speak to himself: “I will not be able“, “At me it will not turn out“, “It is too difficult for me“, - thereby it denies great force in itself(himself).

The person can a lot of things! But lives in the world of own restrictions, fears and doubts. It is necessary to begin with itself, with change of the consciousness and thinking. Having limited mind and a set of fears and complexes, it is impossible to achieve good results in this life, it is always necessary to work on itself, to set new tasks for itself, to improve the reason.

Look how the world of computer technologies quickly develops, new models, new programs and systems constantly appear. All this is created by people! A brain of the person much more powerful and great device, than the tablet PC or the hard drive in the computer. Just person often is lazy to work on himself, does not train the brain crinkle. And it is a pity. Someone, for example, drives in virtual games in 5d, and someone else sits with an antediluvian tetris in hands.


That a body was in a tone, he needs to be trained that the brain well worked, too it is necessary to set certain tasks for it. Impossible is not present! The head is necessary not in order that is, in it there are great riches, opportunities and treasures, just understand and recognize it, stop to limit yourself and speak “I cannot“. Yours “I can“ it is only equivalent to yours “I want“. Just motivations insufficiently. It is necessary to want! Or to convince yourself that you want that you can that are worthy. It is possible for thought and it is necessary to change in the right direction, differently laziness, the despondency and melancholy can absorb you entirely.

Check of desires on the validity

If at you is the purpose, aspire to it. Make the plan of the actions and check yourself for the validity of your desires: whether really you need it and whether what for? you Will become happier when you achieve the desirable? If yes, that this yours, act! Safely go towards the aim, but without forcing events and without giving huge importance to the events.

In your life there will be what you are worthy what you correspond to. Therefore when you believe in yourself and you take success for granted, it by all means will come to you and if you doubt and consider yourself unworthy, then, sorry, receive that you deserve.