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What unites workers in May holidays?

First of May - the international holiday of work - direct at interesting reflections. No, a question at all not in the history or not so old May Day demonstrations with flags and banners. Though … here one of banners is not forgotten to this day: “Proletarians of all countries! Unite!“.

And each May Day arises a question: and what unites proletarians this day? Also there is a wish to conduct researches, to observe, and then to draw conclusions. Here I now also offer results of these supervision to you. So, that unites workers?

Workers - proletarians

This social group is inclined to unite behind a glass of tea. To tea rolls, buns, pies, pies, donuts - with stuffings and without, meat and sweet, cottage cheese and cakes move. Fried and baked, and also boiled and twisted. Generally, as they say, I ask to try favor to our table, whatever is in the house. Tea at the same time is drunk anyone, it is preferable - black long leaf. On brand, the producer, the country of growth and other tendernesses do not pay attention. Intelligent workers These


that in shot glasses coffee was poured. Generally use soluble, spilling it from a zavarochny chaynichk. One more option - preparation of coffee directly in a cup. To coffee rolls, cakes, cakes, sweet pies and candies move. On a table there can be a lonely vase with fruit, noy divide only between children. Here the main thing not so much that on a table, how many conversation. Conversations are as various as a table at workers - proletarians.

Workers - snobs


are intelligent to such an extent that coffee is drunk exclusively prepared in cezves. Not soluble. Soluble it is considered - bad manners and not comme il faut. At the same time in a corner of kitchen coffee - the car able to prepare three - four options of coffee hides, and in a kitchen locker there is a treasured jar of instant coffee. But it to guests is not shown. To coffee the candies brought by guests as a gift to the hostess of the house are served.

the Intelligent advanced workers

This type of workers prefers to

association behind a shot glass of green tea. They claim that green tea - excellent tonic, is very useful to health, contains the mass of vitamins and minerals necessary to an organism. The most advanced are capable even to list these vitamins and minerals. However, they do not distinguish a grade of green tea, and get a bag for a feast in the next supermarket. Instead of green tea quite often drink red - petals of a Sudanese rose. But alas, most often the overdried option comes across to them, and tea has brownish outflow. However, it is unimportant. The main thing - is available quite intelligent and advanced subject for conversation. Under red or green tea it is possible to argue perfectly about much, beginning from problems with birth rate and ecology and finishing with detection of reason at dolphins.

the Intelligent advanced workers - snobs


accurately distinguish grades of green tea, understand that it krupnolistovy and melkolistovy tea, is distinguished helicoid from just sheet and so on. Moreover, they can even hold a full tea ceremony with a ritual zavarivaniye of tea on two grams in a cup - to try out and estimate all nuances of change of drink depending on endurance. Tea is ready only in a white key (it when water did not begin to boil yet, but it is already almost ready, and bubbles give it a white shade), and is not filled in with boiled water in a teapot at all. At the same time to tea nothing moves, except talk - not to spoil taste. The reason of dolphins is not discussed, but it is a lot of and is juicy abuse ecology, bad birth rate, an education system, modern youth and classical literature. Would scold also modern, but nobody decides to admit that he is familiar with it.

the Anxious workers

This type of workers is very anxious with own health therefore it prefers to unite behind a glass of curative broths. They perfectly know that bear ears - fine diuretic, and at the slightest ache in a waist immediately make them - for simplification of work of kidneys. Especially broth from the dried-up films of chicken ventricles - as magnificent means for digestion normalization is offered to guests of honor. To broths salads can be offered. Exclusively curative. For example, from a young nettle or dandelions. Conversations at a table turn around diseases and methods of their treatment. The last “boiled“ novelties are surely discussed and the conclusion is drawn that earlier people knew much more about the organism.

Workers - optimists


are ready to unite behind any shot glass as are sure that everything will do them good. To them practically all the same that will be poured - tea, coffee, broth of a melissa or still some wonder. The main thing - existence of the company in which it is possible to splash out joyfully the optimism and to be recharged by good mood on the future.

Workers are pessimists

Pessimists, like optimists, unite behind any shot glass as are convinced that all the same it will only be worse. To them existence of the company in which it is possible to splash out the pessimism is important too and to learn latest distressing news.

Workers are realists

Proceeding from vital realities, this type of workers exposes for association on a table of a bottle with hard alcoholic beverages, various wines, can add also production of own production, beginning from wines and finishing with moonshine with lemon crusts. To this variety the set of hot and cold dishes - meat and vegetable moves. As a sweet table fruit and cakes as option - cake are offered. Not to argue on merits and demerits of teas of various grade, and also instant coffee and in grains, realists offer all only compote. At the same time manage to convince the guests anxious with health that this compote has all necessary curative properties. It is the best of all to meet, see off and carry out any holiday to their companies. They unite all. And it is successful.