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What is dream, or games in desires!

Each person in the life made wishes and looked forward to him the fastest implementation, but not each person knows that his desire works by certain rules of which it would be desirable to tell you my dear readers. by
I so to understand structure of fulfillment of desires, it is necessary to determine for a start the time period, well it is correct, we want that it happened, for example here then - that … And so, from there is the first answer to a secret of desires. From a point of the report of your living position, that is in the present why there was no it already now!? Correctly, something means we in life not correctly or not absolutely truly made if did not come to result already now. So what will be made specifically by us in order that the desire came true!? Here well, how it is correct to make and what our treasured desire surely would come true!? For this purpose there is a number of techniques where the past of the person, the present and only then the future, will be only then the first step, of course.
We came that analysed the past, found in it dark corners of our negative obstacles, they do not allow to be realized to our dreams in a full measure, only the negative prevents us to be! Well, and that further!? And further, we have to present our dream, our ideal model in the smallest details that for us will be the lightest and the purest. We receive as a result, the past and presumable model of the future. Now we impose on the past as if a mask, a new layer, under the name - dream. And what we see, and the most important that we feel at this moment!? Yes, of course we can see past roughnesses, beautiful colors of the future and yes, it is very pleasant to us, but something nevertheless is missing? Correctly!?? But is not enough I, nebesno - light energy will tell you, positive, pure what seals eternity our so to speak ready-made product.
But how to keep this energy that is felt by us at this moment, if rings out phone now for example, everything will fail somewhere, will be forgotten, will be started turning and again to desire it is necessary to go long. For this purpose it was developed in ancient centuries: “Card of happiness“. What is it!? Here you watch
, we have to shift our feelings to some model, a picture, that is to record thought, and owing to and her feelings. Notice, it is very important! I suggest to take
Ya the ordinary Whatman paper bought in office shop, to arm with scissors, glue and cuttings of our dream, we will assume from magazines or specifically prepared information in pictures.
A now several rules of the formulation of desires:
First rule:
Rule 1. The desire has to be written!
Rule 2. The desire has to have final date (period) of execution.
Rule 3. The desire is always written in the present.
Rule 4. It is forbidden to use a particle “not“ and other denials.
Rule 5. Write what you wish, but not that what you do not want.
Rule 6. The desire has to be sincere and important for you.
Rule 7. The desire has to be ethic.
Rule 8. The desire has to be directed to itself.
Rule 9. It is more than details and emotions.
Rule 10. The desire written by you has to come to the end with the phrase - a type charm: “Let it or something bigger harmoniously will enter my life, will bring joy and happiness to me, and all whom this desire concerns“.
Rule 11. Do not go in cycles in desire. Release it.
Rule 12, most important. Act!

Methods of fulfillment of desires:

1. For execution of desire it is necessary to present result of its embodiment mentally. The pleasant object of imagination will always stimulate you on execution of desire.
2. It is not enough to dream. It is necessary to begin to move in the direction of execution of desire. (To find work, it is necessary to buy at least the newspaper and to call by one phone.)
3. The embodiment of desire has to bring joy. Do not confuse desire to need.
4. Be not afraid to indulge in wishful thinking. It promotes emotional lift which is simply necessary for the dream embodiment.
5. Always estimate course of execution of desire according to the moral, ethical principles. Otherwise execution of desire will not bring satisfaction.
6. Notice only good. Try not to pay attention to irritants.
7. Easily leave unnecessary.
8. Always believe that the desire will be granted.
9. The desire should be “started“ - to tell aloud, to tell the loved one. It is very important that the loved one believed in your dream and, above all that you by all means reach it.
10. If the desire changed it is necessary to record refusal, for control for new object of desire (I do not want to tell - “I it any more, and I want it“)
11. Do not think of how the desire will come. It is necessary to be ready to accept it from any source.
12. Our opportunity something to receive in direct ratio abilities to give. The devotion has to be sincere.
13. And the most important - transform desire to the purpose. persistently it reach
I. All to be executed by
and it will turn out!