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What to the woman prevents to build the harmonious relations? The woman has a lack of softness

natural requirement to be weak, protected, to feel as “behind a stone wall“. Always there is a desirable image of darling. But in life not at everyone it turns out to construct the relations with such person. Authoritative ladies often suffer from the fact that near them weak, weak-willed representatives of strong part of mankind.

It occurs because the man cannot compete with the woman. If the rested girl meets the rested young man, they will not hold on also day in the relations! It will knock a fist on a table, it will knock a fist on a table and who will agree?

The husband who always agrees, - the henpecked. It is possible to tell that it is the thought-up stereotypes of society. But it is impossible to argue with the fact that in the nature a role of a male of the person - the defender, the getter, the soldier etc. And a role of the woman - the keeper of the center. So who should be the strongest in couple?

Of course, not everything is so unambiguous. The lady has to be strong, at least to overcome the struggles of life, difficulties, to support and grow up children (sometimes alone). Even to wait for it, the only thing, ability to live one is necessary. But it does not prevent it to agree, to concede, go on compromises, to accept people and not to argue with them. At the same time, the strong man will survive only near the soft, pliable partner.

Practice shows: that keeper of the center who lives with the present (in her representation) the man is happy. But, I am afraid that at the most inveterate debaters private life did not develop. And somewhere at heart they grieve for that which is drawn in their image, dreams. About that which is able to stand for itself(himself) and for the family will lend the strong shoulder and will sometimes allow it to be weak, weak-willed, defenseless and even silly.

I did not see happy families with the leader - the woman. In such couples both are always not satisfied with the biological role. And it gives rise to quarrels, discontent, pain, aggression, claims. Often unconscious. She categorically demands that it conceded to it in everything and despises for concessions. And he who ceased to feel protection of the house abstracts and lives in the mirochk. Does not make decisions, in education of children of participation does not accept, in defiance will not tell the word. And if loves the passion, then at all not that love which would like. And she, the unclaimed nature, often has diseases of women`s bodies. At how many strong-willed authoritative familiar women a uterus is cut out, was found - not to count tumors of a breast and other diseases.

I had a similar experience. When in each quarrel I showed aggression, appear, I protect myself. In practice defended the correctness and convulsively shouted. Proud “Amazon“ with “strong character“, in fact, manipulated and demanded: “Take out and polozh here and now that I want“ or “And now repent and fall in legs“.

At the moments of quarrels it seemed, inside there lives an embittered crushed she-wolf. She fights all the time and asserts the rights for life, for freedom. All requirements - categorical without compromises. Though, appear, that I meet halfway, and it is not appreciated. Inside storms and hurricanes stormed. At the moments of rage could “place everything“ on the way. Some unclear internal energy poured out outside with a force competing with man`s passions. Whether it is necessary to be surprised to it if to consider that since the childhood I was brought up as “the commander`s daughter“. Feminity, acceptance, softness was unusual for me. But I was able to climb trees, “to be at war“, order, to direct. Naturally, all this did not promote the harmonious peace union. And it is rather, on the contrary. Because the girl acted as the soldier.

To build harmonious love, it is so important to be soft. To be able to concede and agree. To be a peacekeeper, but not the instigator of wars. Not to participate in military operations at all. Or to wait them, or at once to be given. Now, when he tears and throws, it is necessary to show humility. And then, when it will be kind and indulgent, gently to nestle, shroud and make a purring sound the tender: “And I against“. Surely with acceptance. And if him all the same wants to make in own way, then let do! He is a man! You wanted to be behind a stone wall. Here also relax. Because the keeper of the center needs protection, but not opposition.

Allow “wall“ to solve all problems. You chose this person in the life. Rejoice to it, give opportunities for growth, but do not press them the will.