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How to keep our families?

many European countries celebrate on May 15 the International day of a family. An excess occasion in order that having looked at a May calendar to think also of the family. What is a family for us? Cohabitation under the same roof or something bigger? What is the time we will see off really together, and, not just moving on parallel trajectories which, as we know, will never be crossed? What problems modern families face? And how to keep an own family?

When in far 1993 the General Assembly of the United Nations established the International Day of a family, she, first of all, wanted to draw attention to those problems which exist in modern families. As the UN Secretary General was expressed once - when under the threat there is an existence of one family, under the threat there is also all our human society.

The modern family is not absolutely similar to classical treatment of this concept. In modern families, focus who in the house the getter and who the keeper of the center who is engaged in education of children and who earn money be often shifted. And families often look as free marriage without obligations, guest option of marriage, the “Swedish“ families, same-sex marriages. Everything it would be not so terrible if children did not grow in these families. Children at whom the concept of a family is already distorted since the birth. Therefore also classical option of a family - the father, mother, children where at everyone the natural, natural role gradually leaves at summer. A modern family as any another, needs protection and protection.

It is impossible to keep the harmonious developing relations in a family between spouses and parents and children without communication factor. For any family the factor of communication is an oxygen without which it will just die. It is necessary to give as much as possible time each other and to communication. It is more often to spend together output and free evenings, to arrange joint walks and rest.

You should not bring working problems in a family. There is a regulated time when you at work, and are time for a family. Switch-off phone, warn colleagues and acquaintances that after the termination of working hours and at the weekend you are absent, for the solution of working problems, just. A number of the vital professions, but also in this case, of course, can make an exception, at desire, it is possible to divide work with time for a family. Remember that the one who wants looks for opportunities, the one who does not wish - looks for justifications, it concerns also time for a family.

Your family has to have own history. The memorials, favourite places, traditions and habit. It you will not be similar to other families, your children I will be able to be proud of it among the peers. This history will be able to become tradition over time and to be transferred further, from generation to generation. Surely there has to be a number of holidays which you will always celebrate and to carry out together. At first, perhaps, you will not be able to estimate fully, that advantage which these bear action, but over time when it becomes a pleasant habit, joint holidays will not be a burden on anybody. What can be better when at one big table, all family members, from grandmothers and grandfathers, to the smallest gather. What can be better when in the pleasant, easy atmosphere, among the, conversation is conducted, family members share news and events. At heart it becomes so joyful also light-. You not one. You in a family.

If to draw parallels and to associate, on mind, at thoughts of the real family, movies about the Italian families come. Big, amicable, a little noisy. In these families as in the Italian mafia - all stand up the friend for the friend, do not leave in trouble, help out and share the last piece of bread. The children growing in such families grow up with the correct concept about what has to be the real family. They build the families on the stereotype seen earlier.

In such real families respect an old age, support youth, care for the happy childhood.

Perhaps, it on May 15, the International day of a family, an excellent occasion to look at the family in a new way. Perhaps, this day, will become for some family the beginning of the basis of the traditions and holidays, the beginning of modern times and development of the new family relations, the beginning of an era of the “Italian“ families.