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As my police protects me

Hello, dear reader.

In the new article I will touch upon a subject about work of our valorous police.
to us who were born in the middle of last century, the word police familiarly only from the course of history passed in school. But to people of the twenty first century, probably already all the same as they are called these people in peak-caps, roofing felts militia roofing felts police now. Estimate the person
and the police officer not in a form, it is as if fine it on him sat, and on his acts.
Ya I do not want to estimate work of militia or today`s police in general. I just want to talk
to you about work of our local police inspectors. And I will begin the story, here with what history.

I have one acquaintance who works in the House management with the cleaner. And it cleans two entrances of our house. And once at a meeting she told me of how it got
to militia and that from this left then. She to me with all the heart assured that she does not deceive
at all. At the next entrance the son of one inhabitant, the 13th summer guy with the friends suited to
a mess. Took out a mattress in an entrance and had a rest on it. And nearby what only was also not beer
of a bottle, sunflower seeds, stubs and it is a lot of any other garbage. And once she called the apartment where he lives to complain of it to parents. The door opens and
from the apartment mother of this guy runs out. All uncombed, tipsy also started on it fighting. Fight turned out. And so they fought minutes ten, putting each other bruises until there was her husband and did not separate them. In an hour the acquaintance came round and decided to go to militia to submit the application for mother of this guy, it suffered for a right cause.
A instead of properly listening to it and to adopt the statement the acquaintance is put into the
car and carried to hospital for medical examination to breathe in a tubule. And there slightly the heart attack
did not happen to it, for it it was for the first time. The heart attack did not happen also examination of nothing
showed, and it had a severe stress and pressure rose. The doctor himself measured by it pressure
and gave a tablet. Only after that took pity on it, adopted the statement and allowed to go home. But it is still florets, berries that will be ahead.
Next day it went to the district police officer who, having listened to her story, wrote down everything and carried it to other hospital where the acquaintance was examined, removed all beating and with the conclusion sent home. However, the district police officer took away the conclusion about a beating and ordered to be it in a week. And how many she
would not come then, did not wait for an affirmative answer, he has no time, it has another urgent matters, and it and in general on the place was not.
So things are right where they started. Only then she the mind guessed that it collected all materials and on hospitals dragged her in order that to take more money from the guy`s mother who as then it appeared, works as the realtor selling apartments. It happened two years ago and still they hate each other. And the acquaintance ceased to clean up at this entrance.
Here to you and our militia. So what you a cap do not change
- the head remains the same.

I told you a small episode of work of our militia.
A work of the local police inspector was earlier prestigious and dear. And when it went down the street all knew and spoke: - Look, there is our district police officer. It and hooligans bypassed
for three versts and on apartments it went whether asking everything is normal at you.
A now to live twenty years in the residential district and not to know about the one who at you the district police officer, same a nonsense!