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As to them to live further

Hello, dear reader.

And again I meet you on pages of my new article. You can ask me: - what you write
A the article about? And I will answer you that in our distressful country, are noteworthy only old and small, and it is possible to write about them much and long because they, presently, are considered as the most deprived class. Let`s make small comparison of the pensioner of the eightieth years of the twentieth century and our today`s average pensioner. Also it turns out “as the sky from the earth,“ I will not go
into details, let them be listed by our supernumeraries, and will give to you several examples. If earlier, at so-called now ‘’the Scoop `,` the pensioner on the hundred-ruble pension could live comfortably, but not exist, help the children and save money for a so-called“ Rainy day“. And if it was the working pensioner, then its people could borrow““ to a pay. And tell me what now the pensioner can make on the cheap pension? Correctly in the people there is an introduction about pension - All will be sent by me to Zh. K. H., and then there will come crash. You ask me: - And how grants? I to you will answer
I so: - And you it ever made out this grant? At our official bureaucracy this procedure can last about half a year. Other reference that that confirmed the first is required from them, on each reference, and. etc. And what our poor pensioners - They suffer. They suffered, children, hunger in 30 - m to year of the last century, suffered adversities of the Great Patriotic War and here, apparently, slightly - slightly sighed in the eighties,
but here came “Reorganization“ which took away from them all that was constructed by their hands. And was constructed oh much as. It their hands were under construction, destroyed by War, the cities, were built on the hydroelectric power station rivers. Their hands melted steel, drilled oil wells, extracted coal - black gold of Russia. And everything went crash. And to again poor pensioner to have to suffer also it from whom - from the sons and grandsons who peeled
them “to a thread’’. Remember a default of 1992 which devastated purses and passbooks
from the money raised by our pensioners all the working life. They endured everything cards, long idle times in turns then to take the put products on these cards.
They are ready to endure further all that for them was prepared by life and our government.
Here also tries to work our poor uncle or the aunt at productions to most“ a grave what as that is not enough - to live malsk in ours “the developed capitalism“.
A there were also many such cases when they on a wheelchair were taken out through a checkpoint last time.
Ya I remember such case in shop, the old woman before me took
bread with lamentation from grain department: - Again bread rose in price, and poured out from a bubble, from - under vitamins, the last trifle and it was not enough.
I here it, with the upset eyes, looked around and mentally asked for help. I could not look at it and gave it ruble, so she thanked me to the door of shop. And she worked all the life. And then, tell me, please: - Unless our pensioners are worthy such life? Everyone is not passed by this fate, and everyone can have the Default.