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Let`s talk about culture of

In the article Let`s talk about culture I lift a subject of cultural behavior of our Russian person in life, on the street and in society and if you point that to negative sides of behavior
of the person look and as in such situations you arrive.

Hello, dear reader.

In this article we will talk to you about culture. Only one word - Culture, but what it capacious on sense and according to contents. The culture is an education, communication, behavior of our person in life, on the street and in society.


Education of the person begins still from the cradle, with that moment, when and as young mother begins to talk to the kid and what lullabies of a song she to it sings. The truth or not, but I do not know whether today`s mothers to the children sing lullabies of a song or they fill up
under sounds of different musical devices what we have enough today. And so education of the person continues until his parents are living. You can have already children, but your parents always and to the death will bring up you. But looking as . And now I will pass to some types of today`s education of children. Tell
to me, please, what the kid can learn if he hears one mat in a family? They
since the early childhood absorb in themselves a manner of the family relations. And when mother of the kid always shouts at the mother, that is on the grandmother of the kid and all this occurs in presence of the kid, that know
same she will receive when the kid grows up. It will apply the same attitudes towards you which you applied to the parents. So the correct council exists in the people - Where and when it would not occur and under what conditions, never swear in presence of children! All your adult relations the small child absorbs
in himself and transfers them to the small children`s world. You when - be you watch how your kid and what at the same time he carries on dialogue with the dolls or other toys plays. Listen, and you will understand what you made not as it should be made. Or present such picture.
Young mummies, with a bottle of beer and a cigarette in a mouth, sit on a shop and solve the problems,
and their small children play in the distance in a sandbox. In a sandbox children did not divide a toy
one hit another and here mother of the child who was hit, shouts at all yard: - you hit
A back more feasibly! Well, unless this education? It was necessary to approach a sandbox and to peacefully solve this conflict, but mummy decided to resolve this question in own way. Understand that shouts from children you will achieve nothing. The child can answer shout with crying if it small or the same shout if he is a teenager. I ask you: - What the child seeing how his mother beats the dog can learn and at the same time a mat abuses it.
I how at the same time to sow reasonable, kind, eternal!


And here our culture of education of the child is transferred to society. Since the house relations
and children`s talk in a sandbox on which to our mothers to spit, the culture of communication
is transferred to school, and further goes to higher educational institutions,
which already ripened over the years, together with the person on life. It is correct to eat in the people such saying: -
That since the childhood is put - that and it is frozen!
A what we can tell about today`s culture of communication of our youth?
A you will go outside also all uviditesam. In communication of our youth we will not see respect
for seniors, respect for girls who are together with them and these negative qualities
of cultural education communication can list long. Also it would have to seemed young heads of the enterprises to be trained in culture of communication with subordinated? And is not present, not all passed
this science. And to this science they were taught by the street. Therefore we can hear this hour as the young mechanic speaks to the elderly worker: - Well, you, old, you made everything? As me jars on
from such address. It you will correct once, and on another already you are afraid,
and suddenly it will be reflected already in your purse. I know that it is necessary to correct and put such heads into place, and I am afraid. Such examples it is possible to give a set. Earlier the culture of communication with seniors was studied according to fairy tales, according to books and our old and kind animated films which presented and trained children in the kind attitude towards seniors. And today our heads
do not remember when they the last time opened not only the book, and even the newspaper.


In life and on the street it is possible to speak about command of the Russian person much and long.
Ya I will only give to you several negative lines of behavior of the person.
Went the person down the street and ate ice cream and you ask me: - And where it threw a wrapper. In a ballot box? Is not present on asphalt or in a grass. Also stubs, candy wrappers from candies, empty bottles and banks from - under waters and beer fly there. Following example. If at himself to the apartment of people for years brings order everything cleans, washes and furbishes up, but it is worth going beyond its door in an entrance, then there you will be able to see the same picture. Present the wood, a glade, a fire, a shish kebab. People came to have a rest on the nature. Took a walk, have fun. Oh, have a rest wonderfully well. And then got into cars and left the vacation spot, without having cleaned up anything. Would be not present, to collect for itself all garbage? No, why it is the wood. And then the people, children and even mushroom pickers walking on the wood will come across fruits of such mass parties and will wound to themselves legs about the broken bottles and cans. It turns out so - Where we eat, there and we will leave marks! And such behavior we turn places where we live, our cities, villages, the woods and fields into a recycle bin or a dump. And same our Homeland and still to live in it to our children and grandsons. And what we leave to them?

In conclusion of the article I say that Russia was always famous for the culture and in it since the time of Ivan the Terrible there were such institutions in which trained in rules of etiquette and behavior
in society as well as to other main sciences. And still I want to tell you
that before speaking about culture and to teach culture someone, it is necessary to be cultural most and if you point that to negative sides of behavior of the person look,
and as in such situations you arrive. Uchenye`s
to cultural behavior in life, on the street and in society it is necessary to comprehend always and to study this science everything and all life!