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Hello, dear reader.

In the article I want to talk to you about brothers our former, residents of federal republics who are just called now by refugees. You have a look around and will see that where you would not be, in any point of our mother of Russia, everywhere with you there will be younger brothers on reason, our socialist sworn brothers, inhabitants of the southern republics. only you will not meet
I of whom on open spaces of the Moscow region and our Homeland. As though in Moscow there takes place the festival of federal republics and these are his delegates. Ukrainians, Belarusians, Moldavians and the majority prevail inhabitants of the southern republics. In the mid-nineties last century,
to Moscow and the central regions of Russia the flow of refugees which as you only do not try, was not possible to be stopped rushed. In my understanding refugees it when the person, under the influence of the necessary reasons, urgently left familiar spots, he managed to grab with himself the passport and which - that from clothing. But, and when refugees come to Russia and buy houses and apartments, these are not refugees any more. And here to these, so-called to refugees there come their relatives and right there find to themselves work and a haven. And here so they filtered and adapted in all ways on open spaces of our mother of Russia. And having settled, they created the diasporas and already began to impose the orders. You enter on any market and you will see there that already more than a half of sellers are so-called inhabitants of the Caucasian nationality there. Not the market, and what - that east market with not seen products which at us even do not grow. And having a little adapted, they already become owners of goods, tents, shops and still sets of outlets of our immense Russia.
That - that and ability to trade you will not take away from our southern brothers. It at them in blood. They can praise so the goods that you do not want to buy it, and all the same will buy. And presently they became already owners or co-owners of the large markets of Moscow and the Moscow region and both our Russian producers, and their family, our former federal republics work for them.
Through them and their republics is adjusted a delivery traffic to Russia of drugs, honestly they never traded and always only cared for the pocket. They already acquired communications at the highest levels to which unfasten considerable money comfortably to live the Transcaucasian princes on our earth. And they began with what? Just selected for nothing, and sold the goods brought by our farmers and simple people on the market extremely expensively. Met the people carrying the goods on an entrance to Moscow, spoke: - We Take in the lump or at all we will not allow to sell.
I was necessary not to come back home empty-handed, to give to our farmers grown up the hump goods literally for kopeks. And now these so-called refugees are owners plants, seas, steamships and of course banks through which there is a money laundering and many other illegal bank transactions. And here so, from connivance of the authorities, many refugees became kings, and infinately govern and impose the laws and rules to our become impoverished and Russian people already deprived of civil rights.

In end of the article I want to tell you: - It is visible the prince Dmitry Donskoy who won fight and exempted Russia from Tatar - the Mongolian yoke was not born at us in Russia. And it with the host would take that and would banish all these refugees from open spaces of our Russia would also give it is free to sigh to our poor Russian people.