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In what a power of love which destroys not only families, but also civilizations?

at the beginning of a civilization when on ancient religious representations gods and heroes lived among people, at the Spartan tsar Tindarey the daughter Elena was born. On customs of that time gods had a direct bearing on the birth of all regal successors the most, and this birth also was attributed to multiguilty Zeus when he in an image of a swan visited Elena`s mother - Leda.

As Leda`s husband Spartan Tindarey treated this event, there is no mention, but intervention in family affairs of “Thunderer“ affected that the daughter turned out the unusual beauty. Rumors about Elena`s beauty are immediately spread across all Greece and to marry off her there come almost all tsars and heroes living at that time - Tindarey hurried to marry the daughter. Also was from what to hurry - in youth Elena was kidnapped by Theseus at whom spent some time.

He chose as the husband for the daughter Menelaus considerably distinguished from all with the courage from a great number of the grooms who gathered to Tindarey. Menelaus was not lucky: when it, being already the tsar of Sparta, was in “business trip“ in Crete on the affairs, history with Elena`s kidnapping repeated. Paris, the son of the Trojan tsar Priam who convinced Elena appeared to throw the husband the thief this time.

It sailed with it by the ship at night to Asia, having taken with itself(himself) many treasures from Menelaus`s house. For fixing of the intimacy fugitives contract marriage on the island Krannaya where they enjoyed three days love and only after that arrived to Troy. The enraged by such insidiousness of Paris, Spartan tsar Menelaus begins “Trojan war“ and by means of the brother Agamemnon brings together huge army.

All confederation of the Greek kingdoms took part in this war to punish impudence of Trojans, and all heroes living at that time met under walls of Troy. Achilles who also had some “divine“ origin also was on the side of Greeks with the mirmidonyana. Having arrived to Troy with assistance of the Greek army, Menelaus calls the rival on a duel.

The frightened Paris refuses to battle against Menelaus, but under pressure of the brother Hector he is forced to enter fight which, respectively, and lost, being much weaker than the opponent. The won party began to demand delivery of Elena and kidnapped persons of treasures, but one of Trojans wounded Menelaus at this time, and they lost an opportunity for peace talks.

Paris who lost a duel ran away into fortress, and the joint troops of the Greek coalition started a siege of Troy. The ten-year siege Greeks of cyclopean walls of Troy lasted with variable success when most of the heroes who are present at both troops suited duels and killed each other. In one of such duels in single combat with Achilles the Trojan tsarevitch Hector - the main defender of Troy and the commander of Trojan troops was killed.

From this point Troy was doomed, but, as usual occurred in that far time, the victory to Greeks was brought by not a military feat, but the smart course of the tsar of Itaka the Odyssey which thought up “Trojan Horse“. Having got into the city by means of the smart plan the Odyssey, the Greek soldiers killed guards at serf gate at night and let in the army the city. And Troy ceased to exist.

After capture and destruction of Troy Menelaus took away Elena and took away it back to Sparta where, by hearsay, they were visited by Telemakh. According to different versions, Elena had five husbands, including Achilles and Deifoba, she met Diomede and Odysseus. After war of Orest and Pilad wanted to kill her. Somewhere wanted to beat it stones. According to the Spartan version, its grave is near Sparta. With Elena and Menelaus`s death the civilization about which we practically know nothing comes to an end.

Some modern psychologists compare a love chuvstvovaniye to madness. Because such sensual love can destroy dwellings and the whole cities. The love passionate bears destruction already to the states and civilizations, giving then to historians an opportunity to practice in eloquence and imaginations, discussing the reasons and motives for defeat deeds.

Love is blind - the proverb claims. Sensory perception of the person are direct heritage from an animal state when the formed mankind led a primitive life in the wild nature surrounding it. We learn wildlife all sense organs, and it then through subconsciousness influences behavioural reactions of the person.

The inclination is the unconscious emotionally shown need of the person which arises suddenly as the instinctive desire inducing the person to satisfaction of the interest and is the primary source of any mental behavior. The inclination precedes conditions of love, love, attachment, jealousy, passion, hobby.

In what a power of love which destroys not only families, but also civilizations? Probably, in the mad passion caused by love. Historical materials contain a lot of similar information, narrating about sensual experiences of the people allocated with imperious ambitions. One more example of the love passion which destroyed the state - Lancelot and Gvinevera`s love can be analog of the above described love story promoting destruction of a civilization. But it another story altogether.