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How to hold a wedding without host.

Hello, dear reader.

In the article I will tell you about How to hold a wedding without host. I Write with
to you the wedding course.
Meeting of newlyweds.
Young people approached the hall in which wedding evening will be spent. While the groom with the bride go out
Of the car all gathered relatives
and guests, in the hall before an entrance, rise in two ranks and form a corridor - happiness. The young husband and the wife enter. the Witness them stops
and reads such verses: -
Let to you will become this day expensive
Not because it is severe and gentle,
because it belongs to two.
I before you the world is open is boundless.
What to wish you, to the new world entering?
to Love each other and family heat.
I is a lot of, it is a lot of happiness!
That life for you poetry was.
Let sounds of wedding march of Mendelssohn
the Your union nice to the world will announce.
I you a parting word always accompanies
Is old as the world: “Council to you da Lyubov“!
Sounds wedding march of Mendelssohn. Young people pass
along a corridor - happiness, and guests and friends shower with their candies, money and flowers.
Tables are laid, it is possible to begin a celebration.
Carrying out evening
All sat down at a holiday table, and is as usual got at weddings, provide the first congratulation of young people to the witness. All give a toast and drink for newly married. the Second toast we provide
to parents, and before a toast it is necessary to wait that guests managed to have a snack. Parents congratulated newly married, guests shout bitterly and again raise the glasses for young people.
Everything goes well. The holiday proceeds … … When guests drank
and have a snack, to them, of course, there are a wish to talk, but we have to seize their attention again. for this purpose we ask
A in a dancing circle, our young people, we lift guests and we ask them to form a circle in which our newlyweds execute a tango - for young people. Young people dance
, guests dance and at us everything goes perfectly.
I here guests naplyasatsya and we invite them at a table.
Word to the witness.
we Give a toast and we drink for health of young people. And further I suggest to carry out - the Toast the Check. you ask
: - And what is a toast the check?
the Toast the Check, it when each guest sitting at a table rises, it is represented by whom he happens to the groom or the bride, reads to young people the congratulation, gives them the gift and (if can) sing one
couplet of the favourite song for young people, then it clink glasses with the neighbor, drinks a shot glass and asks congratulatory to speak for young people to the neighbor. If it is a family, then
they get up all together. And then there will be in our business a law and an order. So go on - to an order until all guests tell the congratulations. Guests support the acting relatives or guests and shout: - Bitterly. Between congratulations it is necessary to bring guests to a dance pavilion, to sing songs and to hold wedding games.
In any company, and especially at a wedding, will be cheerful people who will help newlyweds
with carrying out games, but usually this work to lay down on the witness and the witness.
Here such scenario of a wedding I bring
to your attention. I hope that following on the scenario course, you will be able perfectly to carry out it, keeping in mind, a celebration, such day which just is called - the Wedding.

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