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As our constitutional state cares for children. (Continuation of a subject)

Hello, dear reader.
I want to continue by

In this article our conversation on how our authorities show care of children. And far I will not go, and I will begin how to be told, “from an oven“. I ask you to leave an entrance and to look, at you in the yard in what state there is a playground. And hardly it will please your eyes. The broken sandbox without sand, the swing bent without seats and a hill, on which if you slide, then it is possible to tear not only trousers …. In our house there lives the deputy and how many would not address her, she did nothing to change this picture. However, from its order, made two tables at which, summer nights, the youth drinks beer and which - that else …. And then hoots till the morning and does not allow to sleep. And why to the deputy baby`s cries and laughter under a window at it other global problems. Here also should carry mother or the father the child on other end of the city in order that for money to take for a drive him on roundabouts and other attractions. Let`s go further. The residential district at us not big only twelve 9 - and floor houses. And when we moved to the new residential district, said to us that we will construct school. And here for 22 years that I live in this residential district, according to the order of our authorities, could dig one ditch under the base and on it at them everything decayed. It is visible crisis prevented them in construction of school. And hangs, we have many years under windows a picture - the Empty ditch fenced. However, sometimes the picture changes, when there boys in soccer play it, but also it becomes such rarity. Why soccer when in the next tent already 13 - summer beer is given. The truth now there were also laws on sale of beer and alcoholic drinks, but some businessmen manage, for the sake of the benefit, to bypass them. And to have to go to children of our residential district to schools on all city whom where will attribute. Really construction of school requires 20 years? And I will answer you: - No. It is our state laxity and not administrative ability. And still I want to lift one of problems of our children. This carrying out the free time by the child. The truth the television and computers take away a lot of free time from the child. But what for children shows our television now? It spreads one blood and violence in weak children`s minds. And children as a sponge, absorb in the heads. Even the same today`s advertizing, on television, suggests them to participate in tank action and to do some shooting from a gun. Computer games have too to wish the best. There too cruelty and violence and if you do not kill, then itself you will be killed. And here so our poor child to reach the end of the game, will destroy how many to the people, though virtual? And then it is asked from where children have an early nervousness and violation of mentality. And our state is guilty of it too. It allows to buy, for the sake of a profit, injuring children`s soul, games. And then all this is moved to the street. From where they have such cruelty in fights? If to fight, then it is obligatory till it bleeds. Cruelty, at children, already becomes line
of character which, with age, amplifies to all. That is why today`s youth “seven one are not afraid“. Go outside the late evenings and plunder overdue passersby. Our youth does not wish to work at plants and if go, then on such specialties where it is not necessary to think. Be enough and bear, that`s all conditions of their work. And to what specialties, our state, learns youth?
Here one more minus to our governors. Where schools which would let out mechanics, turners, welders, electricians, milling-machine operators and many others, working, specialties? Well or them remained so a little that it is possible to count them on fingers. I ask you: - Perhaps, these specialties are not demanded now? They are necessary, but now it is fashionable to train in the marketing and management and many other sciences which came to us to Russia, from - for borders. Here and one more minus I give to our government for the fact that it legalized paid education on which, the Russian people taxed housing and communal services and getting paid only on a living wage, have no money.
Here is also necessary our youth, our future, to spend time in the yards in the summer, and in the winter at entrances, with a beer bottle, and it happens even to the syringes filled with drugs to pass “my universities“ and to ruin, the best years of life, at entrances of houses.
Ya I do not want to finish the article on a sad note. But we have in the country also such children “from the people“ which, since the childhood, set before themselves the purpose, perfectly studied at school, aspired and achieved good results in the life. I know such, and in our state there is a lot of them.