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As our constitutional state cares for children.

In the very first article I develop a subject how our constitutional state helps
to young parents to raise the children, and this our future!

The childhood, the childhood
the Childhood is a summer wind,
the Sail of the sky and a crystal ring of winter.
the Childhood, the childhood,
the Childhood - it means children,
Children, children, children - it means we.

Beautiful words, isn`t that so. Children are our future and this my first article will be devoted of Subjects which with parents and without. To those which live in the house and that which have no it. I could list a lot of the positive and negative lines of our state concerning the rights of our children. Just became painful. I know that I the article will not solve a problem, but responses of those people who worry about problems of our children too will go to it. (15 thousand in 2008 against 50 thousand. in 1997 - m) children walk on open spaces of the mother of Russia. Let`s carry out excursion to the past. Let Communism, now, be also considered by us as a utopia. But on a threshold of the birth of the Soviet power, after decrees about the earth and the world, the leader of the Russian proletariat, V. I. Lenin, in 1919 creates the State Council on protection of children, and issues the decree according to which militia and national combatants began to catch from cellars, from the markets of street children and to send them to communes. Where cared for them, trained in the diploma, gave a start in life. And it was when our Russia began to build the first-ever Socialist state, having dumped from itself fetters of Civil war. In, beginning to revive, the country were hunger, ruin infectious typhus mowed people in the cities and villages, but about children our state continued to show care, as if it was not heavy. But, and that is created now in our distressful state where more than twenty years prospered capitalist economy. Let`s look how it shows care of our younger generation. And this care almost to be reduced to zero - if I am mistaken, then you can correct me. But, in my opinion, to opinion, this zero begins with the birth of the child when to some future mothers going to maternity hospital happens there is nothing to buy romper suit and diapers, apart from about diapers. We pass further - and that we see, and we see huge turns in so-called preschool institutions. Not without reason in the people the introduction goes - Until the permit in a garden you wait, the child manages to grow up and already to go to school. But, and that is created at our schools? Children come to the first class absolutely prepared by parents, gardens, and the most important - the street. For many children the street became both the father and mother. So far parents work at the enterprises, at times in two - three changes to earn kopeks and to dress to put and feed the, sometimes the only thing, the child and try that it at school looked not worse than others. Not many had grandmothers and tell me, please, not many with our earnings which nearly a third leaves on payments for the apartment and utilities, can employ the nurse on care of the child. And here from this draw conclusions. Once, I went to work and before me first graders went to school. There were girls and boys, and I was revolted by their continuous mat. They did not swear - they on it talked. I made the remark, they stopped, bristled up as little small animals, and looked at me such eyes as though they spoke to me: - And that you the uncle stuck to us, you would go the own way did not send yet.
. But what you will tell them in reply as to din into them that it is not good. It is authorized to them the street many now it is impossible about which we studying in the first grade in 20 - m a century, and could not think. And it is about first graders. And other school students, in process of their increase, already have other words from which to me it becomes inconvenient. The girl, years 13 with the girlfriend, speaks to the boy, I take out their white conversation which is incidentally overheard by me on light, standing on a balcony, and they sat below on a shop: - You still small only 11 and at you, probably, are not necessary to you, and I already at 4 sucked away. And it is our capitalist reality. Where the ideology of aspiration to fine left. Not without reason speak - Beauty will save the world. Many schools fell lessons of singing of drawing into oblivion and many earlier main lessons became minor. Where left at school out-of-class circles on which children esthetically developed, receiving besides the main knowledge and thirst for fine. But at some schools drug addiction prospers now and prostitution is that new school objects or a new step of development of our future generation. Then it is very terrible and at times there is a wish to shout - the Country wake up and have a look that you did or the further future at you will not be
Ya, just I do not want to finish the article on a sad note. We in the country have a lot of things also good. Began to revive former pioneer camp and let them now in a different way be called, but work in them with children is conducted. New circles at clubs and stadiums are formed, the truth on a paid basis and not each parent will be able to pay for them. But all the same it is already plus. And let young men and girls gather in houses, on landings now. I hope that will be, people are initiators who will turn an outlook of our youth to the best, and will lead them. I finish the Article, such words - Companions adults we in the answer, for what is done by our children. I wanted to write
about much. But it is my first article and about our children it is possible to speak much and long, and I hope to continue our dialogue in the following articles, and, however, to be said that - Brevity - the sister of talent.