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Hello, dear reader.
Today in the article I will lay out one more, interesting to me, a subject. And a subject according to the slogan - Respect work of cleaners! Now I will reveal some parties of this specialty. Once to me the neigbour, the lonely woman of years 50 - ti home came. She came behind salt yes this salt was only
a pretext, just she has nobody was to share, there is nobody heart to unburden. And here what she told while we with it drank
tea it Works with the cleaner in ZhKO which is redeemed and renamed into O. O. O. now. It works already 6 - years, and all these years It cleans entrances of ours 9 - ti the floor house. And first everything, it seems, went well, and you respect and honor, and paid for those times not bad - 2500 rub for an entrance and 600 rub for garbage removal and for cleaning of garbage about entrances. And to live and earn on decent pension, it took 4 - e an entrance. And, however, in the people speak: - Who is lucky, on that and plow. Roofing felts people became others, roofing felts heaven and earth was moved, but that began to be created at entrances it is inconceivable. The person of the house does repair, there would be no all waste, to put in a bag and to take out down to a dustbin. Is not present far, and let me pour out everything in a refuse chute. Also boards, bricks and different construction debris fly there, and it is necessary, the poor woman how to be told “on a navel“ vytaskivatyetot a very heavy box from a refuse chute. Until you pull out, 7 sweats will descend. I provide some of its phrases literally. In addition, only you will not find a peel from sunflower seeds in an entrance of what, empty bottles of different brands and different configurations, even some small syringes, and most of all stubs come across. every day all this it removes
I bags. I do not speak about the cats and dogs living in an entrance and about their owners. Some residents greet, and some and there is nothing you do not put and are ready to spit following.
I took fashion - to Throw out garbage in a bag directly from a balcony now. Here also goes, the poor woman under windows also cleans after bars. It about residents. And now we pass to owners. O. O. O chief …. cleaners for people does not consider, for 6 - t years of work, on 8 - e Marta did not present not one floret. Masters go and try to discover all your shortcomings of work, and rub the nose in them of you. And you itself see that I clean up every day at an entrance, and all is not good. Yes, it works as an ox. I also see - Winter, the blizzard and the neigbour with a shovel throws snow tons from an entrance. If people rejoice when it is snowing, then for it it is a grief. And you know that thought up - she says to me: - Along the house, scrap to clear paths of ice to asphalt. I once did not clear, so the chief did not pay holidays to me. Here is how! Well I will go, and that absolutely with you
was chattered. And only at a door she turned back and told: - And generally I talked to you and at heart slightly - it became slightly easier. It is visible my such fate.
Ya looked it following, and thought - Where she dug out such word - the Fate. At my heart there was a bitter deposit for our state, for the fact that it put women - cleaners in conditions of “oxen“. And such owners of O. O. O …. it is necessary to drive from their posts. And in the head the bad phrase turns: - Here you will not expel, at me everything is grabbed and is paid for everything.
in conclusion of the article, I ask you: - Really and everywhere so? Where then watches the state? The woman - the cleaner she not only the cleaner - and first of all it is a Woman and it is always necessary to remember it!