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How to make a magic wand?

Without what cannot be fairy tales? Of course, without magic. The plot of any fantastic work is constructed on magic. Whether it is necessary to be surprised that your children one fine day can ask for you a magic wand?

“Where to buy a magic wand?“, and is even more often “How to make a magic wand?“ … Such questions to us come to edition regularly. At first we perceived this question as a joke. But, promonitoriv inquiries which visitors set in the searcher we understood that this question interests many.

The result shocked us. More than 45 thousand inquiries in a month and some more thousands of variations of this inquiry. And we made the decision: time visitors are interested - we will answer.

On the first question the definite answer - can be bought a magic wand in children`s shop. On the second question the answer is not so obvious, but we will try to cope with it.

So how to make a magic wand? First of all, we suggest to include the imagination. What is a magic wand? In the name the hint is covered - the stick, any is necessary. It can be a school pointer, a thick spoke, a stick which is on sale for inflatable balls, perhaps, your imagination will prompt still options.

If you near at hand did not have necessary material, and it is not possible to buy something similar - go to the wood! Yes, the wood - the best place for the choice of a stick. Keep in mind, the first branch will not approach.

You walk with the child on the wood, suggest it to listen to silence. Remind him that the real wizards never do harm to the nature. This their main rule. Therefore look for a suitable stick either on the earth, or on a tree, but already broken. Tell the kid about communication of the earth with a stick. You can think up history that from the earth the stick is gathered by magic energy.

The most important - do not laugh at the child. Try to believe that your child really the wizard, and you will see how your desires will begin in itself to be granted. The law of esoterics will work - thoughts are material, that is if there is a strong wish for something, then it will surely come true. The child is small and therefore we will not explain to him so far that for achievement of result it is necessary to make efforts. Nothing becomes.

So, the child found a suitable stick, suggest it to carry out ritual of dedication of a stick to a camp magic. Surely ask a tree to help your child with his undertakings. Houses properly smooth out a stick, for ornament it is possible to use a foil, the reaped paper, the color thread which is reeled up on the stick greased with glue.

Do not forget about a kernel, that is a stick tip. It can be a plumelet of a bird, the star or other Christmas-tree decoration suitable on style a small toy (for example, a doll - the fairy).

The main thing, do not kill in children belief. At each age children have to trust in something. Let them believe in kind magic. Your task - to check that the child had good intentions. Now you know how to make a magic wand and why it is necessary, and further include the imagination and play with children. Except advantage, you derive pleasure from communication with the kid, and he will like to you still big trust.

The option with improvised materials will approach in case you were interested how to make a magic wand for the child. If your plans include occupation by serious magic, then this question not to us, address to the organizations which are engaged in magic.