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How it is correct to sell the apartment?

As are correct to sell the apartment? Let`s give several advice on preparation for sale. It would seem what can be simpler? It is possible to sell the apartment, but it is necessary to be ready that it is necessary to run about on instances. It is far simpler to trust in professionals. About them the speech will also go.

With what to begin? It is necessary to find real estate agency or the private realtor, to sign the contract for sale of housing and to wait for the money specified in the contract.

In practice everything is not so easy and iridescent. If you do not have enough knowledge or time for understanding a question as it is correct to sell the apartment independently, with special responsibility approach the choice of office which will be engaged in it.

Let`s say you found the necessary agency. Ask to give you on the house the contract for rendering services by them. Why on the house? There you will be able to study conditions of rendering services in more detail. Already at the initial stage of acquaintance you can find a lot of information, “useful“ to yourself. Lawyers of agency worked on conscience, having secured the organization from all directions. And at you, as at the seller, one duties. Calculation on the fact that you do not know how it is correct to sell the apartment and all the same you will use services of experts.

You are obliged to open a door on the first whistle and to let in the house of the buyer.

Council : stipulate this moment that then it was not necessary to meet imaginary buyers at night.

If you do not want to sell the apartment on a mortgage, it also has to be stipulated in the contract. Otherwise, your realtor can bring to you clients who will play for time with paperwork. In fact, the agency carries out the duties, brings to you clients, actually the apartment is not on sale.

You direct every time maraft before arrival of buyers, and they do not buy, they just have no money. So far they will submit the application to a bank until the bank makes the decision on issuance of credit, there passes month. Perhaps, the credit will also not be given, then agents will give to you everything new and new clients.

Council : be defined whether you are ready to wait for the buyer with a mortgage loan, or agree only to cash. Introduce this point in the contract.

My one acquaintances very much were delighted when the agency estimated their apartment much more expensive, than there are apartments of a similar class. This sum was stated in the contract. Respectively, at this price also began to sell housing. There passed month, any buyer. The agent began to persuade to reduce the price. Lowered. There are no buyers again. As a result, the price fell from an initial mark by 600 thousand (respectively, everything made a reservation orally, the contract did not change). Only then calls went. By that moment period of validity of the contract began to come to an end.

Throughout cooperation there was a strange situation. The buyer is ready to buy the apartment, is even going to make a deposit. The agent says that it to anything, and they leave together. In couple of days the agent calls and says that clients refused the apartment. So happens over 3 months. It appears, the agent dissuaded buyers from the transaction.

The owners exhausted by continuous circulations of clients decided to dissolve the contract. It is good that guessed to read the contract where the addition that in case of cancellation of the contract the seller is obliged to return to agency 8% of the sum specified in the contract was a small print.

Why in general to make some transactions, it is possible just to bring the seller to that he wanted to dissolve the contract. And here only then the question why initially stated such high price in the contract became clear: 8% of 600 thousand are 48 thousand of the superincome. Plus of another 8% from the actual cost of the apartment. The good income, at the same time without doing anything.

Council : really you approach estimation of cost of the apartment. If in the contract there is point on a penalty, try to exclude it, or to reduce, having discussed the exact sum.

Before signing of the contract with agency insist on decrease in a rate for services of the agent. Do not believe that the cost of services is identical to all. To agents grant an option, and their services can be estimated both in 2, and at 8 percent. Everything depends on the agent and his inquiries.

Council : if to you call the maximum rate for services of the agent, address to other agency. With agents it is possible and it is necessary to bargain.

And the last, the most important. The agent has to cause in you trust and to be pleasant to you in communication. Otherwise after a while communication will begin to irritate you and then no sale will want any more. The thought will be only about one, as if period of validity of the contract ended somewhat quicker.

Council : do not address familiar realtors. In case of discontent with their work it will be inconvenient to you to make a complaint or to refuse their services.

All moments specified in this article are based on the real events which happened to my friends. When signing the contract be attentive!

Successful to you sales!