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How to adapt the child to kindergarten?

How to adapt the child to kindergarten? This question is often asked in a threshold on September 1 when most of children for the first time go to kindergarten. It seems to me that it is the wrong approach. To think of how to adapt the child to kindergarten, it is necessary nearly from the cradle.

If your child since the birth saw before himself only you, then, of course, it will be very difficult to it to get used that you are absent nearby. Try to accustom the child to strangers in advance. It is good if you have numerous relatives who with pleasure will tinker with your kid. And if there are no such people nearby? To adapt really the child to kindergarten it will not turn out?

As option it is possible to agree with those mummies who walk with you in the yard leaving the kid with them for some time. Today you left the child for 5 minutes, tomorrow their kid remained with you. Gradually time of absence needs to be increased. It is not obligatory to leave far, you can look after the child from - for a corner. The main thing that he did not see you and got used that mother will not always be near. begin to tell
several months prior to visit of kindergarten unostentatiously to the child as there it is good. Good reception - mother tells the father true-life stories of the neighbour`s child, about how fine children played in a garden today that there everything is pleasant to it. Subconsciously the child begins to aspire there where so interestingly and fascinatingly.

To adapt the child to kindergarten, it is necessary to learn in advance a daily routine of group to which it will go. Begin schooling of the kid to this mode in advance that it came to the garden which already got used besides to the mode on which there lives the group.

Before visit of kindergarten be absolutely quiet. Otherwise the child will feel your alarm and will begin to worry. You do not fuss. Present that you just go for walk. You do not come to work on the same day when the child went to a garden. Be ready that it will be necessary to take away the child through 1. 5 - 2 hours. This that time in which it will be interesting to child to be in new collective. Take away it from a garden until it became boring for it. Gradually the child will get used to be in a garden without you, and you will be able to leave it there for the whole day.

It is important to find such garden where show consideration for each kid. A lot of things depend on personnel. How the child`s parents prepared for a garden, how the kid will be met in a garden, a lot of things depend. Therefore very important not only to be interested how to adapt the child to kindergarten, but also to specify what tutors will conduct a set in groups when your kid has to go to a garden.

Remember the movie “I Ask to Blame Klava K. for My Death. The new child comes to group, and tutors try to involve him in game at once. For this purpose attract the most beautiful and sociable girl. It is very successful reception. The newcomer sees hospitality and goodwill from “old residents“, and forgets that he did not want to leave mother couple of minutes ago. It is interesting to it in a garden. This main condition for fast adaptation to kindergarten. It is necessary to interest the child, and then he will visit a garden with pleasure.