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about eternal life of

the Mankind dreams of extension of life, eternal youth, in ideal option long ago - immortality of the person. The different people have beliefs that one gods live forever. The food of the gods allowing to become immortal as gods is mentioned in myths of Ancient Greece. Dreams of eternal life were embodied in many fairy tales (Koshchey Bessmertny, live and dead water, rejuvenating apples, etc.) . Attempts to prolong life in various ways became. Some are sure by
that a longevity secret in a special diet, in the regular use in food of specific dishes. So, for example, positive influence of mineral waters, natural dietary supplements was noted. Others consider that the way of life of the person is important (walks outdoors, sports activities, observance of a day regimen). It is known that heavy physical and psychological activities lead to diseases, organism exhaustion, even by a lethal outcome. Now there were statements that youth can be prolonged by means of injections of stem cells that is actively investigated. The residence (dwellings) also influences life expectancy. Really, the microclimate, structure of the atmosphere and the soil in different corners of our planet is not identical. People of mountains live long that is connected with ionic composition of air: basalt breeds cause natural ionization of oxygen, creating negatively charged molecules.
We gave a number of the most widespread general methods of extension of life which are not considering individual development of organisms. Metabolic rate is not identical to all organisms, can be accelerated by means of catalysts, enzymes. For the period of life of an organism casual mechanical damages, activity of parasites, hereditary diseases can affect.
Are known the strange things of other sort giving food to reflections.
the Elderly man went down to the cellar to bring for pickles dinner. It is unknown that the spouse asked to bring it: marinated tomatoes or cucumbers. It long was not. The woman followed the husband and did not find him in the cellar. Several days all relatives looked for it. Unsuccessfully. The application was directed to law enforcement agencies about disappearance of the person. Search actions gave nothing. It is possible to tell, the man was missing. There passed several years. One fine day the man returned with a can of a pickles indifferently, at all without having changed. He answered all questions that he did not vanish anywhere, went down to the cellar 15 minutes ago and noticed nothing unusual.
the Similar case is not single. Biologists speak about sudden emergence of unknown animal species and plants, archeologists - about surprisingly remained remains of minerals. In my opinion, it changes in spatially - temporary fabric which it is conditionally possible to call “time pockets“.
By definition time is a measure of duration of processes. Biological life is the cell fission process proceeding for a certain period of time. According to A. Einstein`s theory time is not a constant (“effect of twins“). There is a dependence between force of gravitation and speed of course of processes in this gravitational field. Thus, there are possibly space zones with such gravitational field that processes in these zones are slowed down rather detached onlooker including process of cell fission, a metabolism (process of life). Such zones are also called “time pockets“, that is zones in which time passes with delay, thereby, in our case, as if prolonging life. Certainly, the number of cell fissions according to modern data is fixed, and the effect of “eternal life“ will be carried out only for the detached onlooker.
Should tell that conditions of “time pockets“ are good for storage of vital forms and for long space flights if we managed to create such “pockets“.

Yours faithfully
on May 29, 2010.