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Who was “godfather“ of a soul, funk, the disco and hip - a hopa? To birthday of James Brown of

“Disco is James Brown, hip - hop is James Brown, the rap is James Brown too. You understand about what I? Listen to these rappers, 90 percent of their music are I“. Despite immodesty and self-confidence of the similar statement, a little the people ready to challenge it will be. Moreover, it is necessary to add to it, as such styles as a soul and funk are James Brown too.

“Godfather“ practically of all “black“ dance music since early years represented a clot of explosive violent energy. And not always this energy found the correct application...

Our hero on May 3, 1933 (according to other data - 1928) years in South Carolina was born, but carried out the most part of life in Atlanta of the State of Georgia. Life was not set from the very beginning - parents refused James, he lived in a Black ghetto at relatives and fought against poverty in the illegal ways therefore in 16 years he rang out in a colony for young children for a robbery. During a vacation Brown proved, first of all, from the musical party - he sang and played on everything that will turn up under a hand (for example, on a washing board). Therefore the term it did not stay - was let out on bails of the local musician Bobi Byord. James tried sport a little more - boxing and baseball - but quickly understood that music - its calling.

In 1955 Brown`s group - FAMOUS FLAMES - lost on provincial radio of a demo - the version a soul - songs “Please please please“. Listeners supported the song so completely that next year it appeared on a single and unexpectedly was sold out in circulation in one million copies. James right there became “star“ though first “zvezdit“ generally among the black population of the southern states.

To the middle of 1960 - x the soul (which grew from Black church gospels) to Brown cloyed “sincere“ style. His soul asked more fire, energy, an expression. And, as the true representative of the race, he began to place emphasis on a rhythm, complicating it and removing a melody on a background. So new style - funk was born (assume that this slangy word at jazzmen meant something it seems “Dance to the seventh sweat“). Long time of an innovation of Brown was considered only as the toughened version of a soul therefore researchers still disagree what song to consider as the real funk - “Out Of Sight“, “Papa`s Got A Brand New Bag“, “Cold Sweat“ or “Funky Drummer“. The last is considered, by the way, also as the progenitress hip - a hopa (not without reason it - the most sampled track in modern music).

It is no secret that the Slavic listener is more sensitive to a melodics, and smart rhythmic experiments you will not get at him. Therefore pure funk, and respectively and James Brown, never was in special demand for us. Behind an exception unless one composition which knows and it is old, and mlad. Even those who are not a music lover surely heard her in some movie (there now, offhand - “Garfield“, 2 - y the movie “Asteriksa and Obeliks“).

Many think that this hit is called on a shock line - “I Feel Good“ though officially it was called “I Got You“. The song about how “to me it is good near you“ and “it is good that you are at me“, whips such crushing pleasure that one of TV - channels of Malaysia opens every day for her broadcasting, supporting the slogan “Channel of Good Mood“.

I have you (Me so well)
(Yell Lane) of

to me so well, and I know why,
to me is so good, and I know why,
Is so good, so good, I have you!

I feel just remarkably,
I as in the seventh heaven!
Ya I feel just remarkably,
as in the seventh heaven!
Is so healthy, so healthy, I have you!

When I hug you, I know
Ya that the mistake cannot be.
When I hug you,
it is not necessary to be afraid of my love.

Having left in 1965, the song right there rushed into the American Top 5. It is necessary to tell that about a hit - parades Brown had an amusing situation. Its songs got to “hot one hundred“ 99 times, but never reached to 1 - go places!

As for “I Feel Good“, in it there is already all that it is possible to call funk. What characterizes this style? In - the first, a rigid rhythm (with accent on 1 - yu a share) and gradual forcing of speed. In - the second, all rhythmic parties are shifted, that is, each tool plays the special rhythm around the basic. As a result moves to the forefront escaped from under dictatorship of percussions a bass - a guitar. It is impossible to forget, of course, and the wind instruments loved by Brown (we will remember a wonderful saxophone of M. Parker in “I Feel Good“).

D. Brown: “We tell
about love and happiness, and so it when Fred plays happiness on the trombone“.

Melodious phrases in funk usually very short also repeat around. That to a voice, and it turns here into the rhythmic tool. As a matter of fact, it even not singing, but some violent shouts, cries or recitative.

Iggy Pop: “Brown put
with the device on the memorable refrains, put on a melody. In its music everything was solved by Mr. Riff. Even ballads always remained on the verge of madness. In its songs it is impossible to pay too much attention to texts. Mostly words are primitive, but all of them some wild, not brushed, beaten out from habitual canons“.
music also concert representation was a match for

. Not without reason one of nicknames of the singer was “Mr. Dinamit“. Brown did not act, and behaved violently on a scene, constantly changing suits and splashing out energy to the right and on the left. Its credo was: “Act longer and show to the audience more, than what they count on, buying tickets“. As a result behind the scenes it sometimes just fell from exhaustion, and to it pricked glucose.

In the second half of 1960 - x Brown`s glory becomes nationwide, and for the black population it in general became a final authority. Brown urged to stop the disorders caused by Martin Luther King`s murder. Some time James even gave to the dancing rhythms social contents, singing songs like “Say It Loud, I`m Black And I`m Proud“ (“Tell loudly: I - black also am proud of it!“).

In 1970 - x funk was pushed aside from a musical scene smoothed and rhythmic the monotonous offspring by the name of “disco“. But in 1980 - x Brown`s style rose again, thanks to Prins and Michael Jackson`s creativity. James as “godfather“ registers with such hip - hop performers as Africa Bambaata and FULL FORCE, and in 1986. at a personal request of Stallone writes composition “Livin` In America“ for to / f “Fates of IV“. The same year Brown one of the first enter into the Hall of glory fate - N - a beater. Besides, still during lifetime establish to the musician even two monuments in the State of Georgia - in the cities August and Atlanta.

However violent character of the singer began to prove not from the best party again. In 1989 on the sixth decade he manages again to go to jail. The reasons of his arrest in mass media are called the most different: arsons, attempt to rob bank (?!) attack on the police officer. Tell even a story in the spirit of the Hollywood fighters - how the police chased the singer`s car on all staff, did not shoot to the fugitive of the tire yet.
generally, gave to “the grandfather of funk“ of 6 years. However, he stayed only three that did not prevent to disperse in 1991 on mass media to rumors about death of the singer. What the L. A. STYLE group right there reacted with a techno to - track of “James Brown Is Dead“ (“James Brown is dead!“).

However Brown continued to remind of himself 15 more years - and again - not without scandals. In 2000 he was accused of attack on... the electrician, and in 2004 arrested for a constant manhandling concerning the wife (third) again. However this time he left on the security and right there married for the fourth time - a very young bek - the vocalist. Speak, disputes on inheritance among Brown`s children did not cease still.

It is known that even the most powerful “ýíåðåòèê“ is not eternal. In Christmas Eve 2006 of mass media (this time without deception) reported that “godfather“ vseya a dance music died of pneumonia. A funeral took place at ten-thousand gathering of people, and during all ceremony on James Brown constantly changed suits as though he gave the last concert.