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To become independent. Really it or not?

This article touches upon one very interesting subject. This subject - our independence. Considerable part of people on our planet want and seek to become independent. To become independent in the material plan. To become independent of certain circumstances or conditions.

The reasons for which we aspire to it a little.

In - the first because since the childhood us are brought up, to us help to survive. The small child without leaving, without care of parents will not survive also several days. And even growing, this subconscious vital program remains in us. Therefore with age this requirement, and can even need increases.

In - the second people are afraid to appear in a situation when they can be too or even completely dependent on people around. I do not know the one who would envy the people or pensioners chained to a wheelchair, it is very heavy to them to live without assistance. And this even not so much the fear, how many unwillingness or prospect to fall into such state pushes a certain category of people to move forward.

Well and in the third to the person is just psychologically more comfortable, more safely and more naturally is at large, than to be limited something or someone. And the stronger we are tried to be limited - the stronger we resist and try to break loose.

They say that we live in democratic society. We have freedom of speech, we can live in any country and in general lead an own life. It seems as there is a picture of an independent way of life. Actually life is interdependence today. And in reality everything around us is interconnected. Even our life in itself and those opportunities which we have - all this is in direct dependence on certain processes, certain conditions, our certain actions. And it is not absolutely correct to strive for independence by definition.

All billionaires - directly are also deeply dependent on the business - projects, on the investments and those conditions which allow them to operate and to control cash flows. Casanova actually entirely depend on opportunities and conditions of communication with an opposite sex. Independent critics and experts are in direct dependence on need, requirement and demand in their services. Heads of the companies are completely dependent on the collective. And even those people who constantly travel all over the world and make impression of independent people - all of them also depend on those conditions which allow them to travel.

Each medal has two parties. And what more you become independent, especially you fall into dependence on conditions which also provide this independence. Therefore if all of you still strive for independence, understand a simple thing. Your aspiration conducts to the fact that you destroy interdependent communications.

For example, passing to own business you really avoid hired work from need to come every morning to work and to report to the administration. But you get to direct dependence on needs of your clients, and those conditions on which they will be agree to leave the money buying your products or services.

In life it is impossible to become absolutely independent. And it is senseless to aspire to it. It is necessary to seek to build vzaimovygodnyesvyaz, it is necessary to learn to come into mutually advantageous contacts. Actually competently uniting the abilities and opportunities, people try to obtain considerably bigger, than can make it on the single.

One very famous millionaire told such thing: Others are necessary for dependent people to receive that it is necessary for them. Independent can receive everything that it is necessary for them, thanks to own efforts. Interdependent people combine the efforts with efforts of others to achieve the highest success.

And I want that this, such emotionally - the psychological moment you also considered directed by the purposes.