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How to obtain the Israeli citizenship?

In the last decades actively extended fashion on the second nationality . For one it - an opportunity to live in several countries, for others - visa-free entry into many states, for the third - existence spare » vest; just in case.
In this sense Israel - it is the country - paradox. To receive the Israeli passport emigrants make a long and tiresome way of five - seven years.
Along with it, process of obtaining nationality it is possible to reduce only to several months. Everything that is necessary - it is to have the Jewish roots.

The known fact that that, who has Jewish mother is considered the Jew, but the fact that the right to nationality is transferred also on the party of the father, not everyone knows. Thus, the Jew, the son of the Jew, the grandson of the Jew, and also their spouses can become the citizen of Israel
In other words if at least one of your ancestors was Jew, then you can obtain citizenship of Israel.

But even presence of the Jewish ancestor is not the basis for issue of the Israeli passport yet. In this case existence of the real certificates confirming the Jewish roots - originals of documents of your ancestors is important. In case to get such papers it will be a problem - you should not lower hands - it is possible to make request in archives or to look for indirect blood relatives. It is possible that the last have documents, necessary for obtaining nationality.

It is possible to undergo procedure of obtaining nationality in: - the Israeli Embassy of your country of accommodation
- it is important to
to consider the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Israel
that each of these options has both the advantages, and the minuses.

In Israel exists yes a type of international passports: darkon and the loess - a pass . Both of these documents will significantly facilitate to you movement on the world.

Darkon is given only after a year of full-time residence in Israel after obtaining nationality.
the Few know that the loess - a pass allows to drive without visas to tens of the countries, such as Germany, France, Switzerland and many others.
the Loess - a pass in accordance with general practice is given in three months after obtaining the Israeli nationality, but by legal methods it is possible to reduce this term to one working week.