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Bad dreams dream? We interpret night “horror films“ of

In this article it will be a question of interpretation of a “disposable“ bad dream. Such dream usually dreams once, possesses an unfamiliar plot, new heroes, in places and, of course, bears heavy emotions.

The fear, strong alarm, panic, horror are always unpleasant. Especially in a dream when our subconsciousness is “naked“ and it is not protected by rational, wise and pragmatic consciousness. Sometimes bad dreams are capable to beat out from a knurled track as well as quite real vital events.

Often too great value is attached to dreams. From each pleasant dream without fail expect grandiose changes in life, and from each frightening dream - heavy and unpleasant events. I work with dreams and I can precisely tell: bad dreams - not always harbingers of vital storms and terrible forthcoming problems. If these dreams disposable …

Let`s consider the reasons for which frightening dreams dream, and we will look how they can be interpreted.

the Dream - a consequence

This type of night horror films provoke events, emotions and thoughts on the eve of a dream connected with heavy emotions like hatred, fear, rage, aggression. Strictly speaking, any emotions or feelings which are badly giving in to control approach here. The jealousy, anger, a fright and any intensive experience the day before can provoke a bad dream. The escalation of the conflict which developed into large quarrel; the latest news, even overheard; the horror film or the impressed book - all this can “appear“ during a night dream a frightening plot.

Example from practice. The young man all night long has dreams about bloody “dismantling“, pursuits with firing (“I can be killed any minute!“). He wakes up from horror again and again, falls asleep - and sees the same plot.

of Special interpretation to a plot of this dream does not need to be looked for. Just before a dream the young man in a row played several hours computer “shooter game“. Ran, hid, shot, blew up, died, was revived … with

Before attaching special significance to a bad dream, remember, than you were engaged that was seen, heard, than were impressed the day before. Special interpretation is not necessary to such dreams. They are residual reaction of your subconsciousness on already occurred. To reduce probability of emergence of frightening dreams in your life, refuse intensive negative emotions in the second half of day.

the Dream - accident

Can seem to

strange what I will tell now. But the fact remains: some people dream dreams about that, something already occurs at the time of their dream in other places, or here - here will occur. I refer dreams to category of these dreams - accidents: usually it is the depersonalized pictures from places of tragedies - the fires, crashes of planes, floods and other accidents. Often in such dreams meets many strangers connected by terrible circumstances. And the more strangers, the there are more chances that the event will be global.

I refer to the same category also mourning dreams. In them unreliable direct presence of the tragedy, is only indirect signs like abundance of black color, communication with angels or god, a funeral ring in churches etc. The general sign of such dreams, seemingly neutral on contents, is a feeling of enduring horror, grief and pain in a dream.

It is necessary to tell that real events through the dreams (which are already occurring or here - here proizoydushchy) people sensitive, with the thin sincere organization raised by empathy usually catch.

Example from practice. The girl dreams a frightening dream about a train accident. It becomes clear later that in those hours when she had a dream, the real train derails, and this accident claims several lives. If you are sure by

that you on the eve of a dream “did not accept“ too strong emotions, look for the terrible dream - accident in headline news. Usually within a day after such dream it is possible to find information that it one in one was someone`s reality.

the Dream - the prevention

If your bad dream obviously not from the first and not from the second category, most likely it - a peculiar warning of what will happen personally to you or to someone in your inner circle soon. It not necessarily will be shock events, cardinal changing life. It can be any unpleasant “trifle“. Astrologically big and someone else`s money (the credits, debts, bank accounts, credit cards, business), health (especially infectious diseases and inflammatory processes), others things (unnecessary gifts, inheritance), law enforcement and mafia agencies and other spheres of the eighth astrological principle is connected with a subject of bad dreams. Therefore it is possible to expect that the unpleasant event can be realized on one of the specified spheres.

However, such dreams seldom happen literal as dreams from the previous two categories of dreams. These dreams usually symbolical therefore, considering only a dream to understand its value it is very difficult. Here it is already necessary to attract additional analytical methods and characteristics of snovidets.

Example from practice. The woman dreams a bad dream that her children were stolen. In this case interpretation assumed, first of all, financial “surprises“. And occurred: within two days after a dream the woman learned that she will not receive in time earlier stipulated sum on which she counted. If you are sure by

that your dream - the warning of the future, try to decipher it. I will not be able to provide ready simple recipes to you, at least now because interpretation of dreams demands especially individual approach. The same symbol in the context of different destinies bears absolutely different values. Therefore interpretation by means of dream books seldom are correct. But you can be guided by the spheres of the eighth astrological principle stated above. Usually bad dreams in reality “touch“ one of them.

The main reasons for “disposable“ bad dreams and approaches to their interpretations are that. Of course, the special sense is made by the repeating dreams about which we still will surely talk.

I hope that this material, despite its sketchiness and incompleteness, will answer at least part of your questions of frightening dreams. I wish that in your parallel life there were only good and kind events.

Sweet dreams!