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Fairy tales for adults?

the First life experience and future stereotype of the relations, future women scoop as it is not strange, from the first children`s fairy tales.

To take, for example, the tale of the Cinderella - a typical story about the correct woman, the trudolyubets, talents, kindness and beauty she, at last, achieved everything. The Cinderella and Prinze - peculiar vital hepp - and. The ideal scenario for matrimonial life. And the words “also they lived long and happily“ cause the real affection and tears of joy in the eyes. Though someone in this life was lucky.

And here the fairy tale about the Snow White and seven gnomes. This beauty, besides a full vital set from the Cinderella, in addition and adventures has more and at men she enjoys bigger popularity. Whole this of gnomes, and seven - number, as it is known both magic and symbolical. And with the prince (the lawful husband) she is in time also seven gnomes always nearby to state the respect and love to the queen. Such scenario of development of vital events is suitable for more modern women more - realists with pragmatic outlook on life. If somewhere it is good, then I there surely will be.

And here the fairy tale about Scarlet Flower, or as now it is fashionable, on foreign manners - the tale of the Beauty and a monster. Typical model of the masochistic relations. The poor girl constantly everything including himself, constantly for all endows. Be - that sisters or the beloved father. As result, instead of logical succession of events - an award for a self-sacrifice feat - it receives a monster in an award. The destiny literally interprets its rushes to endow itself, and without understanding that hints are behind all this on I want “long and happily“ sends it one more test in the form of a monster. It in the fairy tale in addition is applied by the free supplement to a monster also a staff of the kind servants ready to execute any wish, and hundreds of squares of living space on a last word in fashion. In life everything, as a rule, looks a little differently. The beauty and the clear head endows themselves for all, and one fine day decides to offer herself to some worthless monster. But here in real life at it, as a rule, is not present, either servants, or own living space (at best, of course, happens squares 16 to the hostel or a low-family and if the one-room apartment - that got to you really perspective monster), and yet the father-in-law and the mother-in-law in addition. A monster or jobless, or the unrecognized genius, but too the jobless, or gradually degrading addict or the alcoholic. As the option can be the player of gamblings, beginning from slot machines and finishing a casino. Here our Beauty gets such treasure. But as not strange she makes this choice independently and not on coercion. It motivates the actions most often with what wants to rescue anyone, but only not itself. And here to it did not prevent to rescue himself just. It in the fairy tale the monster under the influence of tenderness, cares, caress and kindness becomes another. In our life tenderness, care, caress and kindness on the contrary accelerate degradation processes. With a monster it is necessary on terrible - rigidly and without regret. Now all hidden Beauties will begin to resist. Yes as it is so possible?! We have to love and care, only this way, and not differently! My dear Beauties, to these you do not help the Monsters at all. If there is a problem, not obkhodimo to solve it, but not to play sentimental advances. The masochism, sochuvstsviy to the fact that the person to himself created problems and turned into the Monster, you do not help it at all. The help it when to find the good narcologist, the psychologist, normal work. If the Monster catches at the straw stretched by you then perhaps your fairy tale and will end as the fairy tale. Wonderful transformation into the real Prinze will follow and at last will be “long and happily“. If the Monster does not wish to change, and continues to degrade, stop to feel sorry for it, and regret yourself better. It forever will remain a monster. And here you whether you will be able long to remain near it the same Beauty? Your beauty and mind will gradually fade in elementary fight for a survival on one living space near the Monster. And general children? Whom will they be? What will they see the children`s eyes? What stereotype of future family you it clearly demonstrate now? And after difficult years of life nearby the Monster, you will definitely not be able to count on the union with the prince charming, at best some gnome, the Snow White who is generously presented to you or the next Monster.

It now we and have enough books on psychologists of the relations also family psychologists with their consultations enough. And earlier, when all this was not, but it is correct it was necessary to build vital relationship, from generation fairy tales were transferred to generation. Under an easy raid of symbolism, allegories and metaphors important vital truth disappeared. They and now there disappear. It is simple to get accustomed it is necessary more attentively. How to be told in one known Russian floor board - “The fairy tale lie and in it a hint, to kind good fellows a lesson …“