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Eight sinful passions. For what it is necessary to apologize to God?

know Most of the believing people about mortal sins. They are called “mortal“ because are consciously neraskaivayemy owing to what conduct to death of soul.

A mortal sin - the term of Christian church. The concept of “Seven mortal sins“ belongs to Catholic church and is attempt to classify sinfulness of the person. At orthodox is “eight passions“, conducting to a sin.

The orthodox church calls a mortal sin any sin which the person does not want to regret, and is conscious. It alienates him from God. So it for eight mysterious sinful passions?

1. Gluttony, or gluttony, in other words. In general, all these passions appear from what is given us by God, but with some “perversions“. Here we, simple people, have an opportunity to eat, drink, but our greed pushes us to a gluttony. I do not understand why some people eat everything with such greed and in large quantities? As though now to them bad people will come and will select all food! As it became clear that a gluttony - a mortal sin, it is worth being accurater with food.

2. Fornication. Fornication is illegitimate sexual relations, that is change! It turns out that change not just hurts, but also is a terrible mortal sin. The church advises very well to think before making a step on the left!

3. Srebrolyubiye, or, expressing with simple words, greed. Greed can grow from usual thrift. Here the person had a little money, he protected them, saved, opened the business, earned even more and began to protect them, to protect, protect even more, to care, cherish and to be afraid to leave above all them. And even stronger wanted more, more, more, still, still! Here so it, greed, appears!

4. Anger. About - oh, the anger is such feeling... very strong feeling directed to injustice elimination. For an example: the man stood in a huge queue... let will be, behind bread. Here the old man who very much hurries and asks to pass, then the second, third approaches... And when the man was reached by turn, bread reached a limit! Same it is unfair!! How so? Where want get to me this bread!! In - from, here it, anger!

5. Grief. All of us lose our relatives. Sooner or later they leave to God. We, of course, very much grieve, to us is sad, it is big loss! But there is it that these weak feelings develop into very strong grief! The person is lost in reality, nothing else is not important for him. But so it is impossible, from the point of view of church! It is a mortal sin too. I somewhere heard that if long and to cry much about death of the person, then to him there, in heaven, it will be bad. We pass to the following passion.

6. Despondency. Now we quite often meet such word as a depression. This word is a synonym to the word “despondency“ and is a mortal sin! Suicide which, naturally, is not encouraged with God can turn out to be consequence of despondency. “The despondency is relaxation of soul, exhaustion of mind... God`s obolgatel as if It is unmerciful and is not philanthropic“.

7. Vanity - empty glory. It is expressed by requirement to look tremendous in the opinion of people around, to have superiority over other people. So-called “star fever“ is very close to vanity! So it is possible to tell that many actors make a mortal sin. But also vain people occur among the usual population quite often.

8. Arrogance, or, in a different way, arrogance. Pride - a sign of a good self-assessment, self-esteem. If the person satisfies the requirements and realizes plans, then he can be proud of himself. But sometimes this pride happens excessive! It is already a sign too of high self-esteem. Everything has to be moderately, in everything it is necessary to look for golden mean. Also and with pride. It is necessary to be proud of himself, the main thing - not to be partitioned off, and otherwise there is no divine forgiveness to you!

We considered 8 sinful passions. Attention: if you noticed that you made a mortal sin, then it is necessary to regret as soon as possible, and otherwise after death you will be comprehended by punishment! What punishments wait for human soul for commission of above-mentioned sins, it is possible to read in Dante Alighieri`s poem “The divine comedy“.

However, I cannot claim that all descriptions in this poem are right, but it is better, I think, to be reinsured.