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Blondes are silly? We break stereotypes!

Not so long ago the stereotype that blondes are persons not really clever rushed into our life. And it is unimportant, colored it or not colored if she is a blonde, means also brains at it corresponding. That is corresponding to a stereotype.

Whether it is fair in relation to lovely girls with hair of color blond and whether it is worth judging mental abilities of the girl on her hair color?

For a start it would be desirable to note that it at men at the sight of the fair-haired person decreases brain activity! I am not going to draw any conclusions, simply it is the interesting fact which can be accepted by blondes on a note.

So, the svetlenky girl is a main character of 20% of all Russian jokes. It is rumored that in the long lonely evenings jokes about blondes think out... brunettes who envy their beauty. Thanks to this stereotype, very unpleasant for fair-haired girls, practically all are sure of nonsense of bearers of a fair hair. And even the diploma with honors of prestigious higher education institution will hardly convince people around of the return, the pier “is known by us as you received it“!

How so? It is dishonest! It is impossible to accuse all innocent girls with lucid minds without analysis of nonsense. It is unfair - to judge it the girl on her hair color!

So, I as the natural blonde want to prove that fair-haired girls not such silly as most of men and dark-haired representatives of a gentle floor thinks.

Joe Rowling`s blonde, the author of books about Harry Potter, is the highest paid writer now after Dan Brown.

The blonde Colin McLaughlin which is only 20 years old earns about 18 million dollars now a year! It has a solid experience with many world famous companies, it conducts the column in the magazine and released fitness - DVD which instantly became the best-seller.

The blonde Reese Witherspoon who received the Oscar for Best Actress in the picture “Pass on Line“ acted in a set of movies, received a huge number of leading roles! In the horror film “Family Trouble“ the actress received for a role even 29 million dollars!

The blonde Sharon Stone is an owner of IQ equal 154. Norm is 98, and higher than 130 only 2% of inhabitants of Earth can brag of I.Q.

Blonde Madonna. Whether it is worth disproving the fact that Madonna is the wise woman? Its IQ is equal to 140. It has an outstanding career, it excellently looks for the years. I think, at the girl without brains similar would hardly turn out!

The blonde Ksenia Sobchak is a TV host, the actress, the radio host, the journalist. Perfectly knows English, graduated from faculty of the international relations of MGIMO (bachelor) and faculty of political science (master). Is a TV host of many projects and conducts an active social life.

Similar examples very much and much! I want to advise only - before judging mind of the person, it is necessary to get acquainted with it closer, to talk to it more, but not to be guided by a hair color. Perhaps, behind blond ringlets fine mind is concealed? Any can be silly: both blondes, and brunette, and red, and bald! With it there`s nothing to be done!

But to you it is not necessary to laugh at blondes, they from it will not grow wiser!.