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Paradox. Whether it is possible to turn the gun into a cut carbine lawfully?

... Well, or almost carbine? It is possible. By means of “paradox“. As tell mathematics: the most paradoxical decision also is the most correct. If who does not know that he designates the term “paradox“: “Paradoxical decisions - the decisions made illogically“.

And what is weapon “paradox“? These are lots in dulny narrowing especially for firing by a bullet from the smooth-bore weapon. Lots twist the taking-off bullet and stabilize its flight. Such bullet flies further and beats more precisely, rather old invention strikes stronger …

“Paradox“. The colonel of the British army George Vincent Fosberi, the hunter and the traveler invented cut dulny narrowing in 1885. The colonel called it Riflid Choch. Further the patent was bought by weapon firm Holland & Holland. And in order that after purchase of the patent to separate from the name “Fosberi“ (so the English revolver “Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver“ was already called), called its “Paradox“. Also the large-caliber smooth-bore gun for hunting for a large animal of Holland & Holland firm was called.

Such “paradoxical“ guns 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 of calibers, i.e. all line of calibers which are used for hunting for a large animal were issued. By the way, these guns were very popular in pre-revolutionary Russia. Except England, at the beginning of 20 - go centuries such guns were issued in France, Belgium and Germany. Then their production began to decline and by the beginning of World War II practically stopped. Why? But because at the beginning of the century hunting cartridges were equipped with weak smoky gunpowder. With the advent of strong smokeless gunpowder and a wide circulation of the cut weapon, all advantages of the gun “Paradox“ were settled. The firm Holland & Holland released guns of the Paradox brand till 1933

Modern “paradox“ as a replaceable dulny nozzle to the ordinary gun, appeared in 60 - x years 20 - go centuries in America. However they did not gain big distribution there, completely rifle barrel carried out functions for the sake of which this nozzle, was made much better. And there are no restrictions, such as in Russia (for example, the license for a rifle barrel can be obtained only five years of possession later gladkosvoly), in the USA. Rujjo da Rujjo, what difference, with lots at it a trunk or smooth. And in Russia until recently not strongly favored such here “paradoxical“ way of hunting.

Everything changed from the beginning of release in Russia of “small-caliber“ smooth-bore guns 410 - go (10 mm) caliber. Guns of this caliber in large quantities began to be issued in 90 - x years 20 - go centuries. The weapon under this cartridge becomes mainly with a short trunk and is used not so much to hunting how many for entertaining firing (plinking) and sometimes self-defense. On an easy and long bullet of the 410th caliber all advantages of “paradox“ are shown, the bullet flies approximately one third further, lays down in the purpose more precisely. And what else is necessary on entertaining “postrelushka“? Demand, as we know, gives rise to the offer. After 410 - m in nozzle caliber began to let out “paradox“ also to other smooth-bore calibers.

Advantages . Well, everything, described above.

Even the gun equipped with a nozzle “paradox“ remains smooth-bore. It means, the restrictions inherent in the cut weapon do not come into effect. At us, a vrossiya, even during a hunting season with a carbine you will not take a walk in the wood. The license for hunting for a large animal which cost reaches several tens of thousands rubles is necessary (for example, on a deer of 25 000 rub). And on a duck, for the ordinary gun, at us in the Rostov region (fall of 2011) the license cost … even 200 rub. On a fox 50 …

I one more essential advantage of “paradox“. All know how the accurate shot when hunting for a large animal is important. And so, when using “paradox“ the hunter can make a set of the most different cartridges, shoot them and, having chosen the necessary hinge plate of gunpowder and type of a bullet, can make the necessary quantity of ammunition slowly.

From “narezukhy“ such focus will not take place, production of ammunition for the cut weapon is forbidden by the law. Till three years it is possible to obtain! At the same time quality of cartridges for the cut weapon does not differ in stability, and, having found the necessary ammunition, the hunter is forced to reserve a huge number of cartridges from this party at once, spending for it quite considerable sum as other party of ammunition of the same producer can have already other characteristics. So, hunting with the cut weapon, especially in Russia, a hobby quite expensive.

Shortcomings . The gun with a nozzle “paradox“ does not replace the cut weapon. It only increases a nastilny trajectory of flight, increasing the accuracy of defeat of the purpose. Range of firing over 80 m are a distance only for the cut weapon.

Short lots when firing by a usual lead bullet are quickly enough hammered with lead, and to clean them - “pleasure“ still that … However, now let out special “pure“ bullets which metal body is packed into a strong cover.

Cutting of the connecting carving on domestic “paradoxes“ is not ideal, sometimes the nozzle should be finished in addition.

When firing in fraction scattering of fraction is significantly higher, than in usual, not cut, dulny narrowing.

“Paradox“ is effective only for long bullets. Such bullet at rotation will not somersault in air and when passing it twists in lots stronger. On a bullet - a ball action of a nozzle will be absolutely imperceptible.

“Paradox“ only when firing works with caliber bullets. The subcaliber bullet in the plastic container will only lose the ballistic characteristics.

Well and finally look what set of problems is solved by a nozzle “paradox“. In - the first, range and accuracy of a shot increases. In - the second, a show off - well it is pleasant to feel that in hands at you “almost a carbine“. To a large animal also money hunters saves.

Only there are restrictions which it is necessary to remember. Always.