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You do not know what to do? Dig! This phrase with the photo of the son I saw

at the acquaintance in “Schoolmates“ once. The boy stood with a shovel in a huge hole, of the size of a decent cellar.

And very much it was pleasant to me, this metaphor!

Other person is inclined “to hang“ in the bad moods, sorrows and in absence of desire to do something. The idleness aggravates all tragedies, creates the soil for their cultivation, fertilizer and watering. Naturally, problems are only glad to it. They grow in perception to the level of an elephant (or even more), and then is not clear at all as to overcome them. Terribly - to cope with such monster!

There are other similar situations. When vainly you try to find the answer to very concerning question. There is no answer - there is no action. And here too there is a trap of “lag“ in the thoughts. And the knowledge comes only when you calm down and will forget about it. “pulling for ears“ will not help. But how it is possible to distract from what is so important, so strong?

Any situation of uncertainty is capable to bring the personality to a hysterical state. And if this visionary still is able to finish thinking and embellish? Well then in general guard!

In other words, a problem from nothing to inflate for the homo sapiens - there is nothing to do.

Once I swore with the husband. The first time three years of joint happy accommodation later. And so it struck me, even paralyzed that I long time could not be engaged in anything at all. All thought, “worked on itself“, tried to find causes and effects, it was picked the feelings and states. At last, understood that it is the deadlock.

Psychologists have on this subject remarkable “parable“. There is a traveler to himself home on pure, always to a pleasant footpath between bushes, a grass, trees. And here the shit small group comes across to it - someone imposed in its absence. Also would be not present by to pass. And it what will do? Will surely take a stick and will begin to dig in a stench. And who to me left it? And what for? And what I it made, than attracted it in the life? What for high sense in it it is put?

The best option - at all never to stay in similar reflections. Answers to all questions will come if they really interest. And it will be the most right, transparent truth, but not far-fetched assumptions demanding check.

But if so it happened that the web of reflections tightened - drained in, it is necessary to distract, come off it. To switch and just to have a rest from itself.

There is an old kind way. It was always used by my mother when she was in bad mood.

It just began to work. Houses there will always be a heap of affairs - there is them neither end nor edge. Yes, it is bad at heart, hands fell, everything is so sad also life in gray tones. And you go and wash. Wash the dishes, wipe vases, eventually. And the more carefully you will be engaged in it, the quicker your psychological state will come to an order. It is possible it is direct to concentrate on each dredging of each vase. Or to rub ware to gloss - to wash glasses and frying pans from old dirt. Everything that it is necessary for soul, only not inaction!

At my mother always so. If all apartment is brushed thoroughly to gloss, I understand at once - treatment for bad mood took place successfully. And yes truth! In - the first when you are disconnected from the thoughts, you will cease to inflate flies in elephants, and the problem suddenly appears not a problem at all, and so, small disorder. And in - the second, the result of work brings big satisfaction too. You will look around - purity, it`s done. And I made it! And this understanding in the therapeutic purposes can safely be inflated. For a while, of course.

Very well this way helps at work at temporary despair at the manager of sales, for example, or in case of the bad relations with collective, with the arisen disorders and experiences. In any professional problem.

It became sad? There is no wish to do anything? Depression? Hands fell, the drive is lost? Work! Be engaged in uninteresting, tiresome routine and do it carefully, scrupulously so that process also for a while became the most important purpose on light.

You do not know what to do? Dig! Here, the most effective recipe of treatment!

And then all your far-fetched problems and experiences will leave, will not even notice how it will occur.