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How to gain weight?

to the Person who all life dreams to grow thin and makes all efforts for it are difficult to understand the one who asks how to gain weight. However such problem exists too and not so seldom meets.

As well as in all that it is connected with a human body, there is no uniform decision here, there is no universal tablet which can be swallowed - and to recover right there.

If for weight reduction it is necessary to have will power (certainly, it is about the healthy person who simply have excess weight, then to gain weight, it is not enough only one efforts of will.

About what it is necessary to know dreaming to increase the low weight? How to take him reasonably and to remain at the same time the healthy person?

Certainly to solve a problem of small weight, as well as any other problem of an organism, it is necessary by means of doctors, being guided by the rule “Do Not Do Much Harm!“.

One of enemies preventing to gain weight is the cigarette. Having left off smoking, you will give yourself the first chance though a little to recover. Alcohol intake, strong tea and kofesoderzhashchy drinks is also undesirable. They negatively influence nervous system. And everyone to recover it is necessary to lead a quiet life and whenever possible to protect itself from excess experiences.

If for many years you are concerned by a question how to gain weight, then it is necessary to change lifestyle and a diet. Fresh air will be the assistant in typesetting of weight. Longer and more often walk. Fresh air and foot walks intensifies all processes in an organism, including tempt good appetite.

For all comers to gain weight it is important to observe a day regimen - in particular, to revise the schedule of food. Meals has to be not less than 5, during food it is necessary to chew food more carefully. Try to diversify the menu as much as possible. Even the most favourite dish used daily bothers sooner or later.

If circumstances allow, lie down after food for about 20-30 minutes, let eaten by you it will properly be acquired.

What products and drinks are useful to those who are puzzled with a question how to gain additional weight?

Forget about all low-calorie products and drinks. If milk - with percentage of fat is not lower than 3,2% if yogurts - creamy if cheese - is fatter. At your diet surely there have to be rice, bean, pasta. Do not forget about vegetables and fruit, and also about the products rich with proteins. Cheese, fish, chicken, eggs, red meat concern to the last.

If the problem of your small weight is covered in lack of appetite, then the products and means stimulating it will be necessary. Take for the rule to eat from beautiful ware and to decorate each dish. Esthetically issued dish improves appetite and promotes effective digestion.

However there is a wish to add. Resolving an issue how to gain weight, be not fond that then it was not necessary to deal with other problem - how to grow thin. If you feel well, you are not tormented by problems with health and your small weight is only an esthetic problem, think, maybe, and you should not change nothing? So our organism is arranged, you by all means will gain the necessary kilograms after forty years.

You do not want that they were superfluous?