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You cannot leave off smoking? Look for strong motivation!

How to leave off smoking? This question to me many times was asked by my husband. To me, never smoking, it seemed - what can be easier? Extinguished the last cigarette, threw out a stub in a ballot box - and you begin new life. The life full of pleasant smells, and, above all, without chronic cough and short wind.

To set - that he asked a question, but in passing always spoke: “I will never leave off smoking“. It seems that it was its installation.

There is a set of options to leave off smoking, but as practice shows, not at all people it turns out to make it by the recommended methods. The first way which was tested by my husband, - the well-known book of Allen Kara. The husband honestly read it from cover to cover, and as he speaks, two times. It is trusted, of course, hardly. The result - continued to smoke. Though this book really helped much.

In half a year there was the second attempt. On the advice of the friend the husband used spray Nikotinorm. According to promises of the producer, Nikotinorm is urged to create disgust for a tobacco smoke at the smoker. At the friend worked, at the husband is not present.

Further there was an attempt to smoke an electronic cigarette. The husband smoked this electronic miracle and for some reason longed. Whereas together with it the leaving off smoking neigbour directly - enjoyed an electronic cigarette. In 2 months I met the neigbour looked younger and obviously freshened up. It appears, she really managed to leave off smoking by means of an electronic cigarette.

My husband continued to ask me the same question meanwhile: “How to leave off smoking?“ Having looked for the necessary information, I offered it acupuncture. It is a little poburchav, it was solved on this execution. Did not help. Meanwhile the next friend invited for the company to sessions left off smoking.

Further there was a coding. For us - again the wasted money, for my friend - refusal of smoking.

Well what to do? Means, it is not fated to breathe to my husband fresh air and to live for about 10-15 years longer …

So, in a tobacco smoke, there passed more than 20 years. At first I was angry, then reconciled. In total nothing, but here one fine day I understood that I cannot sleep without drops in a nose. And, strangely enough, while the husband of the house was not - everything was fine: the nose breathed; as soon as it on a threshold - a nose is bunged up.

So we also lived. The husband smoked, I could not live without drops. Over time picked up to itself the most suitable. Allergy drops were them. Then I did not know yet on what I have an allergy. But the fact that it was it - was clear without words.

So there passed several years. Once I noticed that some husband not such, as always. Goes, smiles, something purrs to itself under a nose. On the question “What Happened?“ waved away and told that does not trust yet … What does not trust in, did not tell. And I began to breathe. Without cold drops. Soon the husband admitted that he does not smoke week.

It appears, he guessed that I have an allergy to cigarettes. To relieve me of sufferings - here motivation which was necessary to it all these 20 years. Now I am precisely sure - what you were told who would not teach you how to leave off smoking, - you will never get rid of this habit if do not want it!

Motivation and desire - here what will help to throw. And without them you can even not try, all the same nothing will turn out!