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In what riddle of the Black square?

the Black suprematist square - the most known work of Kazimir Malevich created in 1915. It causes disputes still. Moreover what!

Such opinions are found . ChK is:

- art (suprematism);

- not art (any);

- not a square ( that truth );

- I too so can ( well so what`s holding matters up? );

-......... ( thoughtful reasonings, see below, I cannot reproduce them because of lack of arts education and, as a result, inability spin verbal ropes from nothing );

- devil delusion, icon antonym ( immoderately religious citizens );

- gloomy, but absolutely unclear revelation of the ingenious artist;

- artificially inflated fetish behind which there is no secret, except secrets of mentality of the artist and aspiration of mankind to fetishes;

- the act of self-affirmation of the devilish beginning having the name abomination of desolation; a presage of the darkness which absorbed Russia since 1917;

- the artist anticipated emergence EC (Extraordinary Commission);

- it is plot of art dealers and auctioneers, they make a fool of us, cut bucks;

- effect of the naked king (it is a shame to all to tell “it is a hogwash“, and that will ridicule that you do not understand a suprematism);

- inventing of different “ names again in a front door a bulb was filched“ ( that is no good for the reason that it was already written by Alphonse to Alla in 20 years prior to ChK );

- the author just played all or painted a picture on a bet, and all and was moved;

- the author wanted to write a horse, and it did not turn out, he also painted over it ( was many persons interested to scratch out and look, but art dealers do not give );

- and at last, the assumption some young a web - the designer: it is one black pixel, only big.

Grown wise art critics - sverchkoveda write:

The conceptual maintenance of “A black square“ is first of all in outputting consciousness of the viewer in space of other measurement, to that uniform suprematist plane and economic and ikonomichesky. In this space of other measurement it is possible to allocate three main directions - suprematiya, economy and an ikonomiya. The form in itself in a suprematism in view of its pointlessness represents nothing. On the contrary, it destroys things and finds sense as the primary element which is entirely subordinated to the economic beginning which in symbolical expression is “zero forms“, “a black square“.

Again - considering that black, opredmechenny and expressed as “a black square“, it is indissolubly connected with a white background and without it manifestation of color always remains incomplete and dim. From here also other, not less essential formula of “a black square“ as symbol becomes clear: “The black square“ is expression of unity of opposite flowers. In this the most generalized formula black and white can be expressed as light and and not light as two attributes of the Absolute existing both unseparably, and nesliyanno. That is they exist as one, one - thanks to which one on another (!!! who understood, tell about what this paragraph ).

However not only that in Malevich`s picture not the square (corners not straight lines is drawn with !) and it is not absolutely black (at least, the file with a picture contains about 18000 flowers), but Malevich even not the first wrote to a black square! in 1893 was b>

the First : it exposed absolutely black and almost square cloth “Fight of Blacks in a cave in the dead of night“ (1893). Without having been satisfied with what has already been achieved, exposed to Alla absolutely blank clean sheet of paper under the name “The First Participle of the Girls Having Anemia during a Snow Time“ (1893 too). In half a year it exposed a landscape “Harvesting of tomatoes on the bank of the Red Sea by apoplectic cardinals“ which represented brightly - a red rectangle. Then was still blue, green and gray. Eventually, in 1897 to Alla published the book from 7 pictures “Album primo-avrilesque“ (An April Fools` album).

However the Gigolo`s pictures to Alla did not create such deafening furor and do not cost such stunning money as our Square. Why? It is necessary to recognize that an essence here not in absence in Malevich`s picture of the image something, and in that, as it has no subject, “subject“ name too . Square, and all. Probably, all matter in it. And maybe, that to Alla also did not position itself as the ancestor of New Art?

Wikipedia tells us that Black squares at Malevich actually too not one, but four:

* Now in Russia there are four “Black a square“: in Moscow and St. Petersburg on two “Squares“: two in the Tretyakov gallery, one in the Russian Museum and one in the Hermitage. One of works belongs to the Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin who got him from Inkombank in 2002 for 1 million US dollars (about 28 million rubles) and transferred to termless storage to the Hermitage .

Malevich has also a Red square, and a lot of things still. But the world glory was won for some reason by this, Black square.

From listed above especially the version conspiracy - plot of art dealers amuses (and how they so amicably agreed? and why about this picture?) and it is vulgar - prevoskhodstvenny - you will think, I too so can. Well and there is a wish to ask such clever man: and where your millions, sonny? Now - that everyone can when he already wrote . Only now for it and the prices of a pure piece of a canvas will not give.

I do not doubt that readers of ShZh will have still a set of remarkable versions why this quadrangle which is painted over by black paint became history of art...

And here can, he for this purpose also wrote that we puzzled hundred years?