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How to use cosmetics not for designated purpose, but with advantage.

Many well know that the paint erased on shoes, it is easy to reanimate nail varnish, and woolen things, it is necessary to erase shampoo. And eystvitelno, the majority of cosmetics - are universal. The cosmetics is interchanged, and it is easy to ispolzovat it for absolutely different needs. Examples and councils of non-standard application of an arsenal of your cosmetics bag, read in this article.


If for any reasons did not suit you new body cream or persons, it is not an occasion to get rid of unsuccessful purchase. Any cream contains the mass of vitamins and minerals and money for wind is not business. To use cream not pleasing to you, it is possible as the moistening mask for hair! It is necessary to apply cream on hair for 3 - 4 minutes and later, as usual to wash out the head warm water. If your hair by nature too fat, then you do not hurry to throw out cream, they can polish footwear and bags. This skin, will precisely be delighted! Besides, all cream have water-repellent effect.

Skin cream century

Skin in the eyes very thin. Same thin, as on lips. You catch thought? The moisturizing cream for a century, is ideal also for gentle lips! Now, you know a secret, and in case of not a manor of balm near at hand, you will easily rescue the sponges from drying.

Shower gel

At emergency need, shower gel easily turns into shampoo! Certainly, it not means for continuous application, but if it is necessary to wash up the head urgently, and shampoo as ill luck would have it reached a limit, then there is no other exit. Also, shower gel is an excellent bath foam. And still, shower gel it is possible to clear of the remains of cosmetics of a brush for a make-up, well and certainly, they can wash up hands easily too.

Hair removal cream

you Dream about same soft, how at the baby patches? Will give you invaluable help - hair removal cream! It is enough to make 15 - ti a minute mask, and the horny cells of skin, without problems will be removed. Also, hair removal cream, this good means for a softening of cuticles.

Hair conditioner

Reached a limit hair removal cream, and soon responsible action? It does not matter! Hair removal cream, to you with ease will replace usual hair balm which is literally created for gentle shaving. The conditioner, is not worse than specialized means for shaving, however costs much cheaper.

Decorative cosmetics

of the Shadow, lipstick and blush - easily interchangeable means. Shadows, it is possible to powder lips, - to allocate with lipstick of the necessary shade cheekbones, and blush is universal both for a century and for lips. Thus, having only several objects, possibilities of experiments in a make-up, are almost boundless! Experiment, look for the application for habitual things, and then in any situation you will remain are beautiful.