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Simoron. Transerfing... What to read to the beginning wizard?

you began to believe in magic. Yes, that`s it so. Once long ago you ceased to believe in Father Frost. Noticed more and more as strictly edit the world laws and rules. You even learned to predict succession of events. And this predictability began to bore.

And here you allowed such lightness as belief in miracles. Perhaps, noticed that sometimes all of them happen. Or with despair. Or perhaps just because it became fashionable.

In a word, somehow you reached before (came, grew). Found the necessary shelf in bookstore. And eyes at you ran up.

Bach, Burlana, Gurangov and Dolokhov, Zeland, Castaneda, Kekho, Coelho, Lazarev, Lermontov, Megre, Norbekov, Osho, Sviyash, Silva, Sinelnikov...

It is yet not all list from which names will be on covers. And almost each author created the whole system and is presented by dozens of books. It is indeed difficult to choose. We will be helped by old consumer reception. Let`s consider in more detail only what is taken more often by others.


This system were created by Pyotr and Petra Burlany. They began with work in theater. And to you here too will suggest to play. No, it is not obligatory to read Hamlet`s monologues. There will be a mix of actor`s and children`s game. With fair impurity of what people usually call idiocy.

Something similar to game of the boy imitating behind the back of the principal, his gait and manners.

Imagine a condition of the little boy. Carelessness. Spirit. Adrenaline. And this it is causeless - idiotic pleasure. Which just holds apart it.

You also will enter such states. You fasten. It is necessary to laugh much. Over, over someone and over something. And then over, laughing at all this.

A lot of things will need to be represented. Both someone, and something. Try to represent, for an example, “apple hooting decline“.

It is necessary to think out much. Rhymes, images, spells and rituals. Is already a lot of composed by someone and become classics. But real simoron begins when you play the game.

There is also a theory explaining how these frivolous things yield serious results there. The charm is that it can be not learned. Read couple of chapters, right there tested and received result. Did not work - we read further.

It should be noted that some adherents of a simoron began to develop system separately from founders. For example, even earlier, than Burlana, Vladimir Dolokhov and Vadim Gurangov began to write books. Nowadays they are widely known. And many readers prefer to read them.

Let hints Burlanov will not confuse you that simoron - only at them. Distinctions really are, but nevertheless it is more similarity. All kinds of a simoron can be described such words as humour, creativity, absurdity, game.

Everywhere you are learned to create life with ease of the conjurer. Click by fingers, a short spell - and the world changes in the party necessary to you.

The creative, liberated people seeking to leave from templates of behavior and thinking are drawn towards a simoron. Those who do not like to wait and look for ease in everything. It is adored by women and children.

And badly it is given those who needs the detailed instruction everywhere. It is simpler to whom to refuse changes in life, than to draw some unclear “flourishes“. To climb under a table and to jump from a chair. That who is not able to afford “to do nonsenses“.

Of course when years are spent for image creation, it is hard to saddle a fence, having got on a mushketyorsky hat. Image does not let. But also for these people not all is lost.

of Transerfing of reality

Vadim Zeland went in for physics. It is no wonder that at it we find, one may say, scientific justification of magic. Though books are written in rather clear language. With metaphors and bright images.

The author expressly avoids magic terms. It even exposes some magical methods. Zeland does not call ways of execution of treasured desires magic. He speaks about a new stage of development of science. When it is possible to explain what was considered as miracle - it becomes the scientific fact.

Simoronista adore mocking at draft of people to explain and prove all phenomena. And Zeland just is also engaged in that, than attracts inveterate materialists, usually unreceptive to similar doctrines. And the logical arguments the author manages to make shift in their consciousness. Paradoxically, but as a result the transerfer differs from a simoronist a little.

Many practice in parallel that and another. Also note that it is more convenient for the solution of daily tasks simoron. And the large-scale, hard-hitting objectives are more reliably achieved by the methods stated in a transerfing. With an ulterior motive there the question of definition of the true purposes is so in detail considered.

Simoron allows, having mastered several receptions, it is simple to use them as required and to receive the desirable. In a transerfing will learn to see at once - whether is necessary for you this desirable. And also, as from what in general comes in this world. Here from the very beginning it is necessary to penetrate into something, to reflect, comprehend.

But not all people are ready to work the head. It is easier for other to do much, than to think much. Whether it is impossible just to execute some exercises - and the dream came true? Well, and for such will be what to read.

Norbekov`s System

Here the author will become you the trainer. Will give tasks and exercises. With the indication of number of approaches and repetitions. Also will check then. Also will scold you for their non-performance. Laziness of your mind for it - an established fact. And tone is taken corresponding.

It is pleasant not to all. But for those who are not able to study without encouragement, a pokrikivaniye and a podpinyvaniye - most that. You are a schoolboy. It - something between the teacher and the army foreman.

It is possible to take for a mushtra constant attention to a bearing, a look and a body in general. But all this is not casual here. The system lays claim to improving. Than, probably, its popularity also speaks.

One more methodically strong course - in one of books to you suggest to improve sight. Without surgeries. Independently. For most of readers it is equivalent to check of effectiveness of magic. Cunning is that before receiving a technique they are forced to acquire data on all system. And it is represented magic.

And having shown diligence, the person really improves sight. Then safely begins to work wonders already in the life.

It is possible to begin with Norbekov`s system to those who do not trust in anything until he itself checks. And who is convinced that to reach something without tension of will, persistent trainings and work it is impossible.

the Parting word

Is a lot more other ways to enter the magic world. Choose on temper.

You can prefer any author, any method of impact on the world. But once you will understand that you work only on yourself.

Roads can go from different places up. But they will agree on top.

In all books under different technicians and terms work over same appears:

Lyubov to and to the world.
Feeling of own importance (it is feeling of pity to itself).
Refusal of the purposes and values appointed to you others and the choice of own.
Understanding of the events here and now, around and in you.
Stop of internal dialogue.
Body and energy.

are milestones on that, notorious way to themselves . Today to you it can seem not necessary. Even alien. But the road to tops, to true success - is also a way to itself.

Real to you progress!