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What is beautiful and that - no? Talk with the child on beauty

Once I found the growing-up daughter over her dolls in tears. What happened? Someone offended you? Where hurts? In the head I already thought over options of a solution and punishment of the offender of my child. Everything was much simpler. In my opinion. But at all not according to my daughter. Crying by bitter tears, she, at last, explained to me that it is not such. What not such? Not such as her favourite dolls. To here take, for example, the long-legged plastic blonde Barbie. Blue eyes, the sizes 90 - 60 - 90, infinitely long legs and a slender waist. Or here the favourite of my daughter - Bratts. Curly black pitch ringlets, green a little slanting eyes, again the same 90 - 60 - 90 both long legs and a slender waist. Mother, my dolls real beauties? Yes, but I do not manage to continue the offer - the daughter begins to sob even more loudly, weepingly trying to explain to me that if her dolls - beauties, and it is not similar to them, it means not the beauty. Iron logic of the child. How to explain to the little girl that it is actually beautiful and how it is worth treating beauty standards?

During different eras, at various times, the different people, nationalities and tribes had standards of beauty. And considered that one esteemed beautiful - for others looked ugly. Likely then the sense all of the known saying also arose - on taste for the color there are no companions. But what concepts of beauty would not allocate standards, there were always those who sought to imitate this standard of beauty. In order that the size of a leg was small, the close and narrow shoes were obviously worn. In order that the neck at the beauty was longer - the special extending rings were put on it. People avoided sunshine in order that their skin remained pale and pink. On what only tricks did not go candidates in potential beauties in order that baht for dive of beauty. But there passed times, standards changed, vital destinies of beauties broke. The fashion on the small sizes of legs, long necks, pale complexion passed, and the former beauties became out of place in a new era.

For descriptive reasons it is possible not only to tell the child about various eras and standards of beauty of that time, but also to show pictures, reproductions, a photo. Children better perceive that information which can not only be heard, but also see. Talk to the child about what in his opinion from last criteria of beauty he considers beautiful and that is not present. Sound to it what was considered beautiful by people of those times and the people.

After at the child the understanding begins to appear that beauty a thing quite relative in understanding and perception the person, it is possible to pass smoothly to modern with a standard of beauty and besides their one advantages, at first sight, to try to find also practical faults of their beauty. What beautifully looks in the form of a doll can look in real life a little in a different way. Too long doll legs and too slender waist - it would be not really convenient to living woman to move, go, perform some operations with such parameters of a figure. And the little head of Barbie or on a turn, too big head of a doll Bratts - it looks just disproportionately according to all sizes of a figure and a body, and in real life it would look as easy degree of underdevelopment or mental retardation.

Try to explain to the child that all people look externally differently and if they are not similar at each other, do not possess one color of eyes or hair, it does not mean that they are not beautiful. Manifestation of beauty is various. At someone it is golden ringlets by nature, at someone blue eyes, at someone It is possible to continue infinitely. All of us different and beautiful in own way, those external qualities with which we were allocated by the mother - the nature.

And here as we will arrive with the beauty whether will notice its people around or it will grow dim and will become imperceptible, depends only on us.

Talk to the child that it is impossible to be rather beautiful if you look slovenly, dirty, in crumpled clothes. To be beautiful it means to be pure, accurate, tidy. To watch the hair, nails, ears, to follow elementary rules of purity of a body and personal hygiene. To watch the clothes. And the most important, probably, manifestation of beauty is health. You are beautiful when you are healthy. The poet should play whenever possible sports, gymnastics, dances or for a start to do morning exercises on physical culture. The real physical beauty begins with all this. Care of it also consists in all this.

Well, and about manifestations of sincere beauty special conversation. The person cannot be beautiful if he is angry, swears, offends or deceives others.

Beauty, this as a puzzle which gathers from small parts. In itself they there is nothing do not mean, and here in an overall picture it turns out really beautifully.

By the end of our conversation my daughter, at last, wiped tears. I want to be beautiful, but not such beauty as they (a nod towards dolls), and to be beautiful really