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Incompetence in training bases - threat for our future of

Most often, people do not know as correctly studies, and do not own effective technology of training.

In most cases, at school learn to read and jag information. And it is called training. Most of people does not know other technology.

Also people have no accurate criteria for an assessment of quality of training. Respectively, choosing training for itself, for the staff of the company, for the children, the person cannot precisely tell: whether he, his children, the staff of the company etc. will receive effect of training. Whether money for training will be spent with advantage, or wasted.

Using this ignorance, the people working in education do not bear any responsibility for results of the work. They can always tell that it is not their wine that the person knows a little and is able, and wine of the person: it has not enough mind, it not capable, the numskull, parents are guilty, heredity and t. d This article is devoted by

to give data on bases of technology of training. From it you receive criteria by means of which it is possible to estimate quality of training.

of the Basis.

1. Training is connected with understanding. Simple learning and reproduction is not training. Having only understood this, the person can do this this to apply. Example: remember objects which you studied without understanding, and just jagged data. After examination or the test all these data at you from the head disappeared. Try though something to remember from this subject. Most likely at you it will not turn out.

Question: whether efficiently spent time for such “training“? Whether you will be able to apply some data from it now?

2. Training in the essence is connected with desire to know. The desire to know appears after the person accurately formulates to himself the training purpose. It will have an internal motivation.

Example: remember a “dead“ subject at school or university. It is a subject through which you broke with great difficulty. It was heaviest to break through a subject which value for yourself, the career, the activity, you could not understand.

3. The person cannot acquire material if he knows all (thinks what all knows) about a training subject. There is such parable:

And here the person Mudretsa asked: “Why you only ask me questions and do not teach anything?“
I was told by the Wise man:

As it is not possible to pour in waters in a full glass, and I cannot teach you if you do not ask. Because if you consider that you know answers, then how I or another someone new can teach you?

To argue it is useless because do not want arguing to learn something new for themselves but only to prove a wrongfulness of another. And if I come to you, I will tell so and so even if the most secret secret, then you, why tell it so and not differently or that you do not agree in so and so or that it will not be coordinated with what you already know.

Also you will leave, and I will pay.

But if you come and you will tell that you do not know that and that and you will tell, teach then everything that will be told by me, you will listen and you will think not how to resist what heard and how to accept it, both to understand, and to connect with what already know, and you will ask still.

And we will not argue, and we will discuss as the teacher with pupils, and I will explain that it is dark to you and is unclear. And if you the open heart and learn in it all trifle, darkness and ignorance, then you will be glad and to the baby from a table heavenly that I can give to you, and will look for.

And if you begin to cry, then only from consciousness of the trifle, darkness and powerlessness. And what more hunger will be in your heart and your thoughts to bread of knowledge, subjects you will receive more, and I will be more glad to those to feed you. For me business will not become.

4. The person has to be capable to take out judgments of a subject. Such judgments appear after the person studies subject bases.

Here bases is the most important, most essential component something.

Superficial knowledge about a subject does not allow to take out judgments. The person having superficial knowledge can tell only: it is pleasant / it is not pleasant, he agrees / does not agree. To explain why quite so, but not differently, the person cannot.

Example: on a board wrote a big mathematical formula. The person who studied mathematics will see in it numbers, simple mathematical characters (equally, plus, minus and t. e), the Person who studied the higher mathematics will see in it signs of integrals, functions etc. of

the Mathematician will see in it symmetry of idea of calculation, excess actions or a mistake. It will be able to correct this error, or to simplify a formula.

5. Existence in consciousness of the fixed ideas. The fixed ideas are not knowledge. The fixed ideas replace to the person understanding. Fixed ideas are the reason of many delusions. The fixed idea - something, accepted as the absolute, without personal check or a consent. This faultless “the authority, knows better“. It is “reliable source“. The fixed idea is not checked. It smothers any contradicting supervision. When the person has fixed ideas, he seeks to look at them, but not at information.

Example: often fixed ideas are a root of problems of the person. Many heard such fixed idea: “all men are goats“. Proceeding from this idea, many women build the relations with men.

6. Flexibility in decisions and ways of achievement at the person appears if the fixed idea is replaced with depth of understanding of a subject.

Example: the seller in shoe shop has a fixed idea: buyers want to buy only cheap goods. And he offers all buyers who come into shop only the cheapest footwear. After at him died this fixed idea, he begins to learn what footwear is necessary to buyers, and begins to offer that footwear which most of all approaches, but not the cheapest.


Result of training - competence. And competence is a knowledge, experience, education in a certain sphere of activity.

How earlier we defined quality of training?
Result was reduced by
to check: what the person knows. At the same time, property of the person to quickly jag material is most often checked.

How it is necessary to check result?

Result of training needs to be checked on what the person is able to do after training.

Results appear if the person is able to apply the obtained data.

How to check knowledge the person of a subject?

If the person knows a subject, it has an independent opinion on this subject and it can take out reasonable judgments.

To take out judgments, it is necessary to know subject bases, to know a technical aspect of a question. That is to have deep understanding of how the result turns out.

How to check ability of the person?

it is simple to b to ask it to make

as he learned, and compare this ability to reference.