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May holidays. What do we know about them?

the Holiday of spring and work, in the modern name came to us as it appeared, not so long ago. Since 1992 it began to be called “A holiday of spring and work“. Before, our well-known vselensko - the ruling party, designated this day
“International Workers` Day“. And still earlier, it was called precisely “Day of International“. For the people born till 1980, this holiday is, mostly, one more day off. Not at all of course. I know personally, with such, you know a quantity of families, old traditions, - they still gather, as well as 20 and 30 years ago with the friends and cheerfully note the May Day. And their children, the generation mentioned above which is given rise till 1980 with pleasure participate in it. But not at all so, of course.

. Speaking seriously, the failure seeming from outside in time which arises at a look celebration of these, one of the oldest holidays, necessarily envies unity of these families. Something, all - remained good from the country of councils, such far and unclear for me. By the way, in official documents the holiday of spring and work appeared as on May 1 and 2. That is 2 days to rest, the truth were so till 2005. Later, there it appeared only 1 - e May.

On - an occasion, as a matter of fact, celebrations. I already mentioned that many people 45 and above years, with pleasure will gather in the company of friends and “will cheerfully sit“. And their children, will envy them absolutely quietly because the institute of visit of guests, in modern Russia, somehow is unfairly almost forgotten. Anyway, we are always glad to one more day off, especially in the spring when it is so beautiful and warm.

Following the May Day, there is a holiday 9 - guo Mai. Holiday for all of us sign, honourable and sacred. Of course, main heroes of this holiday veterans, which, unfortunately less and less. History of this holiday of a victory, begins in far 1945 when 9 - go May near the Red Square the plane which delivered the Act confirming total surrender of fascist Germany made landing. Of course, it is heavy to present fully emotions and pleasure of people - winners. Probably, so our nation never rejoiced, and never felt such uniform. Maybe something will sound a little blasphemously, but similar, more precisely the one 100-th from that, it was possible to observe, after a victory of the Russian national team over team of Holland. It seems to me, such events are not enough now. Unfortunately, it is possible to note what the more time passes since then, the this holiday, except feelings of heroes of course becomes less emotional … To have a rest in 2012, all of us will be with 6 - go on 9 - e inclusive.

Finally I will tell that the name of month of Mai has very beautiful history of emergence. On a legend, several thousands years ago, residents of ancient Italy, worshipped a deity of fertility and the patroness of the earth. Called this goddess - the Maya. And, on the existing belief, in honor of it month Mai was also called.

P. S. How many holidays would not be - to us always a little. And not to us one. People strongly are mistaken when they say that we have too many holidays, and that we allegedly ahead of the planet only. Though if to mean 4 - e the place, - that is not strong). In total - the main thing not how many and with whom and as we will celebrate the most favourite spring holidays.