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Whether science economy?

Frankly speaking, I do not know., It seems, all understand economy! Ä - T - D (money - goods - money) - it is clear. T - D - T (goods - money - goods) - too not Newton binomial. DDT (Dikhlordifeniltrikhlormetilmetan) - ah, sorry, it quite another thing. And where to invest money - in dollars, yuans, euro or in Sberbank - nobody can predict. Laugh the matter off the known baize about eggs in different baskets .

What is the matter?

On the one hand , doctors of science on economy, and several tens versions according to the list of VAK are. There is J. Keynes with his minor cycles, N. D. Kondratyev (one of martyrs of science of the 20th century - is shot) with big cycles of an economic environment and an award of A. Nobel for achievements in the field of economy.

On the other hand how many the countries - are so much economies. Attempts to drag the western laws of the market to Russia do not turn out. China in general goes the way.

And, at last, world economic crises come also unexpectedly, as well as winters in Russia. The law of universal gravitation works in any countries - where we jumped up, eventually we will fall by guilty Earth.

And with economy what occurs? China jumps not as Russia, and Russia not as Western Europe. That is criterion of generality of laws in economy is not carried out !

Apparently, the human factor - the psychological and other characteristics of the person, his opportunity and restriction defined in specific conditions of activity interferes. Treat a human factor: moods and feelings of people, their habits, social installations, valuable orientations, stereotypes of individual and group behavior, ability, tendency and motives, the subjective relations of the personality to surrounding activity, the interpersonal relations, psychological climate in collective, psychological barriers and many other things.

At the heart of the model offered by J. Keynes so-called the basic psychological law according to which “lies... people are, as a rule, inclined to increase the consumption with growth of the income, but not in the same measure in what the income grows“. Also other terms of psychological science are widely used: the rational choice, monetary illusions etc.

One of explanations of kondratyevsky cycles is connected with theory of passional pushes L. S. Gumileva. And it is already demography. Eggs in different baskets (money in different currencies) are pure psychology, that is common sense.

And it is right. The plane can overcome terrestrial inclination. But if the pilot refused anti-freezing processing, the plane will fall. If the pilot falls asleep, the plane will fall.

And in economy. Who in Russia billionaires? Who is closer to the power, to a feeding trough. And who in power? Party of honest unselfish people? What economy!

Economic take-off in the USSR 1930 - x years, as well as spacewalk in 1960 - x, is connected with noneconomic coercion: compulsory collectivization, the archipelago GULAG, Komsomol enthusiasm - and People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs behind the back of physicists - nuclear scientists and rocketeers.

Panic at the exchanges submits to laws of psychology, but not economy.

So store money in different baskets as much as necessary! All the same native state machinery will deceive. Therefore spend for education, travel, children …

better In a word, paint the fence as the English saying says.