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In what secret of the universe?

- the Nature, the nature, its simple and such wise mechanisms of self-regulation, natural processes - here everything that causes our transitory existence … So the Teacher finished with

the magnificent speech.

- The teacher, and in what secret of the universe?

- Oh, on this question people look for the answer for a long time. Sometimes find, but do not calm down, and through time look for everything again and again. For example, Albert Einstein during all life tried to create “the theory of all“ which would describe all laws of the universe. He was not in time.

Scientists, philosophers, - all are busy with discovery of secrets.

There is a world, the Universe, space, there is a microcosm, a microcosm, and all this coexists in a certain harmonious connected dance. And still there are parallel worlds, - life and death, and transitional states. And it is part of the world too. Only in another, measurement.

And measurements there is a lot of too. And all of them are in the crossed and not crossed parallels, at the same time interacting in one way or another. And all this system, whirl has the laws, regularities and has no them because there is still an Accident - an unpredictable factor which as usual everything overturns.

And this Accident at the seeming confusion, actually, creates conditions for the increasing and bigger improvement of system of all interrelations. Accident is intended in order that new, more perfect regularity was born.

But the main truth is that we learn secret of the universe after death. Or never we learn! Whether the death - opening or return to new, other parallel of the world is, or it is the end of everything is here that it is important to us to understand. And if the death - it the end, so it exists and there is no secret. And if death - the beginning, then we still have to learn a lot of things in other worlds.

The pupil attentively listened to everything and hanged in the reflections.

Having used temporary absence of the pupil, the Teacher furiously began to scratch the paunch. It is advisable to think still how from here to be chosen, - the transitory thought in the head flashed at it.

- The teacher, and how many there is a universe?

- There is so much how many we are capable to apprehend it in the consciousness. But actually, - it is much bigger.

- And how to understand secret of life? - the pupil was not appeased.

- Oh, and it is not a simple question. But I will answer you it with a parable.

“One Hindu wanted to achieve an enlightenment and to learn all secrets of life. Once at dawn he left the hometown, having gone towards the far wood.

The determination of the Hindu to test an enlightenment was so big that he, without paying attention to a pitch gloom and rustles in thickets, chose to himself a glade and took seat there in a privacy, intending to concentrate on something and to so learn truth. Having a little thought, the Hindu decided that as it was recommended by one very ancient and sacred text, it should concentrate the attention on a thumb of the left leg.

In same imperceptibly crept wild animal is a high time rushed on the Hindu and bit off to it a thumb of the left leg, having disappeared with production in forest thickets.

The Hindu felt severe pain and fear, but, full of determination by all means to test an enlightenment, thought, having constrained tears that there is no special trouble in lack of a thumb on the left leg as there was a thumb on right. As soon as it was going to direct all force of the mind to a thumb of the right leg, other wild animal rushed on the Hindu from darkness and, having instantly bitten off with awful canines and this object of concentration, carried away it in a thicket.

The Hindu moaned and spat after an animal. However, the desire of this person was firm as a stone, besides it had authentic data on a possibility of effective concentration on a nose tip. The Hindu was released from sad thoughts and focused the mind on a nose tip, but here from thickets, swinging a curve saber, the forest robber jumped out. It broke a turban from the Hindu and disappeared in thickets, without having noticed that it a casual wave of a saber chopped off unfortunate a nose.

The Beznosy Hindu terribly began to grind in darkness. His desire to reach an enlightenment not only was not gone, but was heated as iron on fire. The Hindu right there decided to concentrate on the tailbone in which, according to wise men, the mystic force of Kundalini is hidden, but here behind his back thickets cracked.

E, no, - the Hindu thought - behind my back the wild animal or the robber who will seize me by an ass as soon as I think of it goes! Hardly I will only intend to concentrate on something - at once I lose object of concentration. I know this regularity now, but I cannot be brightened up.

The Hindu began to cry and with such incredible force concentrated on the grief and impossibility to achieve an enlightenment that at the very same time tested the most wonderful of all enlightenments and learned all secrets of life“ … In the arisen pause all sounds were heard

. The teacher looked out of the window. He impetuously wanted to wave wings and to feel this freedom, to fly, to infinity, an ambiguity, and at last, already to eat something … Loud whistle was distributed to

suddenly. But not to such an extent, to take the Teacher unawares. It dexterously pushed the pupil, and they began to spin in an air tuft, having hardly concerned a dangerous fly swatter. “It is time to bolt“ - the thought of the Teacher flashed. Two black points appeared in an open window leaf. And with loud hum they departed.

Departed there where it is possible to learn secrets of the universe and life and, maybe, to inform of them us, - ordinary, wordly people.