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And you are able to read destiny signs?

Many of us at least once faced some trifling event on which did not pay special attention. But it was a harbinger from which something began to change in life. It not a presentiment, but a destiny sign which is good for taking into account in time to stop …

of the Slipper of Pierre - Simon Laplace

Pierre - Simon Laplace - the outstanding French physicist, the mathematician and the astronomer. For scientific achievements Napoleon awarded the scientist with a title of count and many awards of the Empire. Laplace was very attentive to any events which were taking place around him. Somehow he paid attention to strange regularity: if were morning of his slipper not on the place, then this day thieves tried to clean its pockets.

He decided to check. It appeared if slippers on the place, then the robbery never occurred. If the owner could not find the obuvka in the morning, then in the afternoon he was attacked by pickpockets whom it was necessary to beat off a stick.

Whether these supervision were an incitement to creation of probability theory, one of authors of which Pierre - Simon Laplace is? Perhaps, he wanted to receive answers to questions: what probability of simultaneous approach of two events and whether there is a reliable correlation between them. Quite good incentive motive for the observant mathematician!

Seamen well understand destiny signs

Is probable, seamen are especially observant people as each exit in the sea is accompanied by dangers. That to avoid them, it is necessary to get accustomed attentively to prophetic signs.

For example, John Benbou , being the simple captain if noticed how the red cat steals a march on it, it was sure that not to avoid sea accident. Having become the admiral, he always attentively looked around and looked, the red cat will not run across in front of his carriage. If it happened, then an exit in the sea was postponed.

By the way, John Benbou was very practical person on life. In 1698 to England there arrived the great embassy from Russia led by Peter I. Three months the Russian tsar and his people lived in Benbou`s house. When guests left his residence, he addressed to treasury with the application on financial compensation for the loss caused by Russians!

The naval commander William Augustus, the duke Kumberlendsky , on the way to port too attentively looked around. If he noticed more than two chimney sweeps on the street, then the carriage on his order turned home. For the duke many chimney sweeps were a prediction of a terrible sea storm.

The captain of the piracy ship John Flint from R. L. Stephenson`s novel “Treasure island“ never put out to sea if its tube was not lit up twice.

What happen destiny signs?

At first sight signs of destiny remind

signs, but it not absolutely so. Each person has the signs - preventions. For example, you go down the street, once stumbled, then were hooked by a leg for a curb, having sworn, continue to move in the chosen direction, suddenly the leg turned up, having got to a pole on the road. Stop! You received the prevention from above just three times: “Be most careful, you can break a leg or please under the car!“

Signs of destiny differ from signs in the fact that they repeat regularly in the same situations. If to ignore them, then there can be some undesirable event. Some believe that the warning signs are only life experience of everyone. With critical circumstances people are helped by a presentiment - subconscious ability to expect an event which can take place in the future. Anyway, to avoid dangers and to live happily, everyone needs to learn to perceive signs, isolating them from events of everyday life.

The mankind throughout many centuries faces a phenomenon of signs of destiny. Even attempts of their classification were made. But it was occupation senseless as each person has them the. It is possible to show only on concrete examples how it works.

As come to people signs - predictions?

Denis Leann in the book “Indexes, signs, signs. Listen attentively to whisper of the Universe“ gives very interesting example as one person several times received signs which as it appeared, saved to it life.

The businessman from Australia was going to sail on the small liner from Adelaide to Bombay. It was late for the vessel three times. The first time simply overslept, did not hear an alarm clock. For the second time the favourite dog got sick, and it had to look for the veterinarian urgently. For the third time it could not find the passport … Later he learned: the first ship was seized by pirates, the second - was missing, and on the third the fire broke out and more than a half of passengers burned down.

In the described case the destiny sent to the person signs three times. If there are any unexpected obstacles, then it is necessary to take it into consideration. It is so simpler to avoid possible troubles.

Sometimes it is possible to find a sign for itself in conversation of strangers. Somehow Lena went by the bus, and two ladies on a front seat very loudly discussed what preparation should be accepted if there are problems with skin and hair. The girl did not know where to get to from govoruniya, but here something in her clicked: “And something terrible happens at me with hair recently. They get out locks, split and look as a bast!“ She began to listen to conversation, one lady repeated another the name of a preparation. Lena remembered. At the first visit to a drugstore she saw this preparation on a show-window and bought. In few months she admired the beautiful brilliant hair again.

So it happened that Lena appeared in due time in the right place and received a sign from absolutely strangers how to solve the problem tormenting it.

If you do something and feel pleasure and pleasure, it is a sign of what you on the right track, and conceived by you will be executed. If “the soul does not lie“ to any business, visit, a trip, work change, then it is better and not to begin. This your subconsciousness tries to prompt to you to save from excess mistakes and disappointments.

Destiny signs everywhere: in our thoughts, in people whom we meet, in words and small incidents which we sometimes do not notice. Signs report to us about where we are now that waits for us and how soon it happens. It is necessary to be a little more attentive to itself and to world around … If you learn to read to

destiny signs, then your life will become easier and more joyful.