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Psychosomatics - the reason of all diseases?

- In official medicine exist the whole direction studying influence of psychological factors on emergence and the course of somatic (corporal) diseases is called, - psychosomatics!

After solemnly said phrase professor a look of the winner has a look at Ninochka - their new nurse with whom they unexpectedly became friends.

- And how you explain diseases of children? They what, too to themselves they were “thought up“? - furiously the girl argued the point of view.

- Well, there are still hereditary, physiological reasons, external environment, a bad ecological situation, eventually, factors unknown to science … We cannot exclude them.

- Well and how to define in what case psychosomatics took place to be?

- And you, my dear, at least once in life opened the medical encyclopedia?

- Of course, opened! - the young nurse

was offended - And tell me, please, what there is written in the majority of the columns “Illness Aetiology“?

- It is written that “it is not known“ to

- That is the same …

- Psychosomatics... - perplexedly Ninochka said aloud.

- Well, not in all cases, of course... - thoughtfully professor doubted.

- And what you have examples from life?

- There was in my practice such case … The man of average years came to us to clinic. The leg so hurt it that sometimes, could not rise. And all this for the unclear reasons. By sight - an extremity as an extremity. Any hypostases, tumors, visible signs of damage of fabric. Just in case snimochek that was made. Of course, it showed nothing to us, and other inspections gave nothing. There were at us doubts that feigns … But, it became clear over time what does not lie. My colleagues just guessed.

And me the thought came to mind to ask this little man, so to speak, to receive an overall picture of his life. It appeared, at work at it categorically it did not develop. With collective the intense relations. he worried strongly, did not want to go to this work. Well, precisely, I think, - psychosomatics! Go - you, old man, in holiday, I speak. Calm down, wise reason grow, relax and you will think quietly. Perhaps it makes a job to change sense …

Professor thoughtfully looked afar, remembering as they with this little man nicely “relaxed“ then. Moreover behind an ear something to impropriety strongly scratched …

- And what everything ended with? - was burned with Ninochk`s impatience.

- Ah and, well … there passed the leg that at it. By itself, took so, and passed.

- You, Innokenti Grigoryevich, strange some. Usually doctors do not trust in any these antiscientific jokes!

- Well why, do not trust? Very much even trust! Other time of it you will see enough, - in anything you will believe. And then, there is nothing antiscientific in my arguments. You remember, Ninochka, the experiences proving effect of placebo, for example? There is even such science - medical psychology, is called. And you know what we tell to patients on their questions of causes of illness? Nerves - it is all about nerves!

Now at professor insufferably scratched behind the second ear.

- And how you explain diseases of animals?

- I have such assumption... That the animals who are not allocated with the developed brain of chicken for example, have only physiological diseases, virus, hereditary, from low-quality forages, that is, not caused by psychology. And those that clever (dogs, parrots and dr) can and be depressed from melancholy. The reasons of their diseases are brought closer to human so, - the brain, at the same time and emotionally - the mental sphere is how developed.

- I remember history such when the daughter of my acquaintance persistently did not want to go to a garden - thoughtfully there began Ninochka - She shouted, resisted. Mother rushed about in vain attempts to arrange a situation. Week of hysterics and failures later at the daughter temperature began to rise in the mornings. As soon as time to rise, gather, so at the child 38 and not less and no more! At the same time, any symptoms of a disease were absent. Naturally, in a garden the daughter was not driven. Through some pause (an hour later or two) temperature returned to normal. By itself. Then doctors too at survey perplexedly assumed that it is psychosomatics … know

A, in esoterics the whole outlook about diseases exists! For example, when the girl all life does not love the nature, does not accept, always is in man`s energiya and therefore does not receive desirable love and caress from the husband, - it has “sexual“ diseases. The organism, as if “kills“ in itself a feminine. .

The girl under pressure of authoritativeness of professor obviously began to hand over in the positions.

- The esoterics is not science. And we cannot trust it - professor expressed fair no confidence. And here in psychology it is known long ago that the person feels the experiences in a body. And this fact confirms the psychological prime causes of many diseases.

And here his head so strongly began to itch that it did not keep and combed the beyond the years a dense head of hear with such rage that it was thought …

the Grandson … complained long ago that the head itches. What could it be?

- So, you have a pediculosis! - Ninochka confirmed with a loud akh fears of professor.

- Oh that I did not examine this hooligan himself in time! - professor was annoyed - And still the doctor is called! My sick head!

He grabbed an old portfolio, a jacket on the run and fast paces rushed to an exit.

- Where you? I here wanted to ask still and from what louses undertake? - the girl tripped behind it.

- From where, from where, from other lousy people!

- And psychosomatics there is nothing here! - having thought, victoriously proclaimed Ninochk

No professor did not hear it any more.

Not to tell that he especially believed that he said. More likely, reflected aloud. He thought not the first year of serious interrelation of a psychological state of the person and developing of many diseases. But did not find a definite answer.

Because, truth, - it is always ambiguous. And at everyone - the.