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What blossoms in May?

the World of flowers is extraordinary bright and beautiful, this real magic of forms and paints accompanying the person throughout all life. In the spring the appeared flowers demonstrate awakening of the nature from a winter dream, and May - the most “blossoming“ from spring months in a midland. What blossoms in May?

To replace shy and gentle April primroses the whole galaxy of the most various ornamental plants comes. Representatives of a spring flower bed are especially good the fact that they can be landed not only on beds, but also just on lawns and in pristvolny circles of trees.

Undoubted favourites in May gardens many years are bulbous . These are, first of all, the most various grades and species of tulips and narcissuses, muskar, hyacinths, hazel grouses and others. It is absolutely simple to grow up them.

The place for bulbous is chosen well lit, with a friable fertile soil. Leaving consists in weedings, loosening of the soil, podkormka, timely removal of sick plants. Deflowered nimbuses need to be cut off, without allowing to be tied by seeds since it exhausts bulbs. On one place bulbous grow up till 4 - 5 years. They are good also in beds, and separate spots on lawns, and under crowns, ornamental shrubs, hvoynik.

For quite some time now exotic the hazel grouse with beautiful flowers of an unusual coloring lodged in our flower beds. Landing it, it is necessary to know accurately what is a look (and their of everything - about 180!) and where grows in the nature to create it on a site the conditions as close as possible to its homeland. The soil always has to be very easy, air-permeable, well trained, without stagnation of ground waters. Hazel grouses put groups, they well look near bulbous in miksborder, rock gardens, rock arias.

One more leader of May flower beds - a primrose . The variety of types and modern grades allows to pick up the range for every taste and, thanks to the purposeful choice, to drag out blossoming of primroses in the garden about many weeks.

Primroses are very decorative and unpretentious, it is just a find for a May flower bed! Bright caps of large inflorescences just change any site. It is better to land primroses in a penumbra since on the open sun they strongly suffer from an overheat and redrying of the soil. Care of them is simple: weedings, loosening of the soil, top dressing, timely removal of deflowered inflorescences, differently the ripened seeds will give self-sowing. Time in 3 - 4 years of the socket of a primrose is recommended to be divided.

What else blossoms in May? It is impossible to ignore the most fragrant May flower - a lily of the valley . As told in an animated cartoon a big-eyed engine from Romashkovo if you do not see how lilies of the valley blossom, you will be late for the whole spring!

A lily of the valley - fine unpretentious perennial for landing among bushes, in a penumbra. Loves the soil rich with organic chemistry, moderately damp place on which can grow many years, creeping away extensively. And this - its main shortcoming which needs to be considered, choosing in the garden the town for a fragrant clearing. In principle, it is easy to limit growth of rhizomes, having driven on sufficient depth a garden tape on perimeter of a landyshevy bed. The lily of the valley is frost-resistant and does not demand additional shelter for the winter, it has enough wide leaves. In dry weather he will be glad to watering, it forces out weeds itself so weeding is practically not required, will be useful top dressing. In a garden often land a usual forest lily of the valley, but garden grades removed by selectors - are more effective. At cultivation of lilies of the valley do not forget that all parts of a plant are poisonous, be careful.

In May also lovely pansies blossom . They are presented by a big variety of grades, flowers of the most different coloring - from white to is violet - black, large and expressive. Prefer a friable fertile soil, easy shading, on the solar place blossom well too, but are more oppressed at a lack of moisture. Change transfer well at any stages of development, even during blossoming, the main thing, at the same time to keep an earth lump on roots. Top dressing and timely removal of deflowered nimbuses promote long blossoming.

Akvilegiya - one of the simplest perennials in leaving. Prefers to grow in the soil rich with organic chemistry, in the places protected from the direct sun loves moisture. Can grow on one place many years, at the same time it is regular blossom and not be capricious even without special leaving. Beautiful troychatoslozhny pre-trial detention centers - green leaves on strong scapes give to an akvilegiya bush refined decorative effect even for lack of flowers. Perfectly looks on lawns, beds, under trees, in rock arias.

Doronikum - a smart bush with a magnificent cap from brightly - yellow flowers, like camomiles. This just small sun on a bed during blossoming on which all neighboring butterflies are flown. Doronikum is not exacting to the soil and illumination, but and in easy shading blossoms on a fertile site more plentifully and longer. On one place can grow many years, but it is better to make division of old bushes in 4 - 5 years. It very beautifully looks in compositions with bulbous, in rock gardens and in group landings with high perennials. In such groups it dominates in the spring, and in the summer and later there grow other flowers, covering with themselves become bare by then doronikum.

The dicenter - a favourite plant of our grandmothers, the so-called “the broken heart“, blossoms in May, approximately from the middle of month too. Earlier any front garden did not do without these charming pink hearts. To location it is not really exacting, the main thing what it is necessary to pay attention when landing to - the dicenter does not take out a podmokaniye and remoistening of the soil. In a shadow blossoms a bit later, than on the sun, but blossoms more for a long time. Perfectly is suitable for single and group landings in combination with forget-me-nots, primroses, coniferous.

What else blossoms in May what pleases with bright paints and pleasant aromas? Arabis, a thrift, a bergenia, a brunner, decorative onions, kupalniyets, knyazhik, long-term alissum, a daisy, a forget-me-not, an obriyeta, a pushkiniya, a skalnitsa, phloxes (awl-shaped and spread wide) … The lilac, a jasmine and a bird cherry, perhaps, do not need separate representation. This list of representatives of a May flowers parade can be continued and continued. In each region there will be groups of plants which settled and checked for years for a May flower bed. And the majority of them do not demand big leaving and expenses of time, their cultivation on forces even to the beginning flower growers.